Plants vs. Zombies

PopCap Games you sure know how to twist my arm and make me stay!

I popped on to play a few rounds and get a bit more of a feel before I came to tell you about the game and what do you know, there goes my early night and all the work I had planned. Ahh, it really is hard when I can spend my night playing PC games and then turn around and call it work.

So, you’ve all heard that I love my vampires and I am missing them desperately at the moment (if you’ve read any of my other reviews you would) so spending an evening with brain eating zombies seemed like an endeavour that would scratch my horror itch.

Not sure about the scares but it certainly kept me amused.

The Plants vs. Zombies page over at PopCam boasts that the PC version of this game has 50 Adventure levels. Now I don’t know proper gaming terminology but I think it’s more time management than adventure. Yes, the scenery and the game board change which to an extent means the objective changes but it’s still a matter of making sure that you have your plants properly placed, you’re making sunshine and you’re using the right weapons because if you’re not ‘The Zombies Ate Your Brains!’ will be splashed across your screen in big green letters.

plants vs zombies

There is definitely challenge, and I am certainly addicted. If nothing else I wanted to see what whacky zombie would get the munchies for my brains in the next level, and what worthy weapon I would get to plant against them.

The imagination inherent in the characters of this game were enough to keep me involved, even though night-time gardening is extremely hard work with no sun – it’s no wonder I felt a little zombified at work today because the zombies had a fair feast on my brains last night.

The colours are vivid and the zombies are fantastic. The night time levels are richly coloured but understandably not what you’d call vibrant.

I love that you can turn full screen off and play in a game window because it is too isolating, and easy to lose HOURS and hours when playing full screen.

There are 26 types of zombies from a Simpson-esque Disco Stu (who drags in back-up dancers at the click of a finger) to well padded football players and everything in between, all of whom will go head to head against the 49 perilous plants. We have tiny little mushies to massive black bomb-shrooms, pea shooters and cherry bombs.

In addition to the 50 Adventure levels there are 20 mini games which you can unlock as you play through adventure mode. Along the way you will also unlock Puzzle and Survival modes as you collect the 20 new Achievements.

But that’s not all, you can even create your own Zombatar! There are fully customisable choices to make your very own zombie which will save on your desktop for your use wherever really… I wonder if my Zombatar would make a good Avatar on all my sites, what do you think? The funny thing I did find about my Zombatar was that she popped up in the very next level I played.

This is a game to entertain with a giggle for the strategist. Not necessarily heavy thinking strategy but definitely requires some forethought. A lovely way to spend a quiet evening at home!

Plants vs. Zombies is available for a long list of platforms as well as online and Facebook, head over to the website to check them all out.

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