Get the Look: Cleopatra

Fifty years ago a movie was released which starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. What was popular then has now became a classic – it is, of course, Cleopatra and it has just been released to Blu-Ray. One of the key things we remember about the film (and the woman it was based on) is the makeup. Those bold, black flicks along the eyes accompanied by dark eyebrows.

Recently Cameron Jane Make Up Design held a Cleopatra Make Up Masterclass which was lead by Miriam Van Cooten, a professional make-up artist. Here are some images from the day, as well as a how to:

Cleopatra make-up look
A still from the movie which this how to was based on.

Step by Step

  • Apply yellow tan foundation very evenly to all areas of exposed skin. Alternatively use a Chinese yellow foundation for a really authentic look
  • Shade to give high cheekbones and a slim nose
  • Highlight the cheekbones and centre of nose. Highlight tired shadows.
  • Powder well. The skin should look matte.

Cleopatra make-up 3

  • Apply eye shadow colour to top lid and up to eyebrows. Don’t use powder shadow, it will not have enough strength of colour. Instead try an aqua colour or face paint which will look matte and painted.
  • Trace in eyebrows and eye lines lightly with a brown pencil. When the shapes are right, colour over with a really sharp black pencil or liquid liner.
  • Paint a different colour in a band along the bottom eye line
  • Mascara
  • Apply a matte orange tone rouge along cheekbones
  • Colour lips with orange or red lipstick

Cleopatra make-up

Cleopatra make-up 4

Key Features:

  • Extend black eyebrows and eye lines
  • Green, turquoise or terracotta eye shadow
  • Exaggerated black wigs

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