A new American series with a supernatural feel is Touch, and it is coming soon to Channel 10 in Australia. The show stars Keifer Sutherland (from the award winning series 24) who plays Martin – the father of an 11 year old boy named Jake (played by David Mazouz).

Touch is from the team behind Heroes, and the main focus is the unusual father / son relationship. Jake has special needs and Martin, a widower, has always found it difficult to communicate with him. Jake has to be institutionalized as he becomes increasingly difficult, until eventually his father finds a way to understand him through numbers.

touch tv

As it turns out, he isn’t your typical special needs child – he is in fact gifted and can predict events before they happen. With a mixture of science and spirituality, the series explores the theory that we are all connected.

Touch also stars Danny Glover as Arthur, an expert on these kinds of gifted children.

The Touch TV Show will air on Channel 10.

To watch or not to watch?

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