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If your tap water is anything like ours, you wouldn’t even think about drinking it without some kind of filtering process. There are a few brands of water filtering drink bottles and jugs on the market, and I have just been introduced to bobble – a selection of water filtering products with an infusion of colour and rounded designs.

The bottles themselves are clear with a coloured cap and filter with 9 colours to choose from and a selection of sizes. You fill the bottle with water and as you drink, the carbon based filter instantly reduced the taste and odour associated with chlorine, while reducing things like copper, zinc, lead, mercury and cadmium. They do work, I would be happy to drink water in the bobble that I wouldn’t normally drink straight out of the tap – it is completely transformed. The filter in the bobble bottle will last for 150 litres, that’s 300 refills for the smaller size.

water bobble

In addition to the bobble bottles, I have also been using the bobble jug which is a similar process just on a bigger scale. The jug holds 8 cups of water (your recommended daily amount) and will last around two months before the filter needs replacing. I do like the jug, the only problem is that it won’t fit in my fridge as was suggested (too high for the shelves and too chunky for the door) so that is something to check if you want your water chilled.

The bobble brand comes from the USA and all the products are made from recycled PET and are 100% recyclable. They are also BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

So if you are among the Australians who collectively spend $544 million every year on bottled water, it would certainly be worth considering a self filtering, reusable water bottle. When you purchase a new bobble or filter, just remember to read the instructions and squeeze the first fill through to eliminate any loose carbon. After that, the only maintenance that is required is washing.

The bobble bottles start at $9.95

The bobble jug has an RRP of $39.95 with replacement filters for $12.95

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