10 Ways To Be A Better Parent For Your Toddler

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As a parent, giving your child the best start in life is the number one priority. Having nurtured your child through the baby months, the toddler years pose a host of new challenges. 

Here are 10 simple steps to master parenthood through this phase of the journey.

1.Take Care Of Yourself
While your toddler is the priority, it should be noted that a healthier parent is a better parent. You’ll have more energy, increased happiness, and a greater sense of control. This guide to staying on top of your health should be hugely influential. For the sake of yourself as well as your kids, do not skip this feature.

2. Set Bedtime Routines
Toddlers aren’t going to follow a regimented routine to the second. Nevertheless, finding a sleeping routine is vital. From knowing when your child needs a daytime nap to building winning nighttime habits, these steps will pay dividends. After all, there’s nothing worse than a cranky child. Ensuring that they remain well rested will boost their happiness and energy levels too.

3. Create A Great Home Environment
Youngsters will try to eat things, which is why keeping the home clean is essential. Childproofing can extend to using stair gates, power socket covers, and foam for sharp table corners. While staying vigilant is vital too, prevention is the best form of protection. Learn to do this at home for very big returns.

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4. Use Rewards And Punishments
Once they reach pre-school age, toddlers are old enough to understand when they have been good or bad. While it’s important to use age-appropriate ideas, a sticker chart for good behaviour and the naughty step can be great options. Reward the good behaviour while discouraging naughtiness for the best outcomes.

5. Find The Right Pre-School Environment
Before you know it, your child will be at full-time school. Pre-kindergarten sessions at a kids early learning centre make the transition very smooth. As a parent, preparing your child for the next stages of their development is one of the best things you can do. Not least because they’ll develop a host of skills.

6. Be Social
Human interactions are vital for developing communication skills as well as various cognitive skills. Social events ranging from formal toddler activity groups to casual trips to play centres and local attractions can work wonders. Become friends with other parents, and you’ll be able to share advice on the best places too.

7. Be An Educator
Young minds are inquisitive, and kids often turn to parents for education. Teach them about different cultures and countries. Get them interested in the hobbies you are passionate about. Encourage them to ask questions and complete their research via ideas like using telescopes. Your child will become a rounded individual as a result.

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8. Get Creative With Healthy Eating
Healthy eating is one of the most important things to start teaching from an early age, especially as child obesity is on the rise. A creative approach will bring the best results from your toddler. Whether it’s growing fruit and veg in the garden or getting them involved with preparing nutritious tasty treats is up to you.

9. Protect Your Child From Sickness
Young kids don’t have particularly strong immune systems, and you want to help build it up. Still, you don’t want your child to keep picking up flu symptoms and other minor illnesses. Carry anti-bacterial gels and ensure that they wash their hands in the appropriate situations. It won’t stop all illnesses, but it will protect your child greatly.

10. Be There
Last but not least, you should be present. It’s difficult to juggle parenthood with a career and other life commitments, but you must find a way. Meanwhile, learning to put distractions like electronics to one side to enjoy magical time with your child is essential. Spending time together is the most significant feature of all.

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