Where Can You Use Custom PVC Patches?

Until they became “a must have” fashion detail, the patches were nothing but a short-term solution to torn or ripped elbows or knees on clothes. It was a shame to wear such a suit, even if you just go to the store. Then, some random celebrity decided to go in public, and the patches suddenly became so cool. And they’ve stayed cool, until today.

However, if we look at the past, we realize these kinds of outfit application were always present, but they were not so trendy. Every member of the army, navy or law enforcement had a patch in the form of an emblem of their unit; policemen were wearing stripes, doctors and medical workers were recognized by the logo designs of the hospitals they worked in.

Today, mandatory patches, except for the ones mentioned above, can be seen on school uniforms, an outfit that signifies affiliation to the fraternity, or in employees who want to highlight the brand name of their company and products in some way. In addition to this, the patches have become an unavoidable fashion detail. We can notice them in all styles and ages, and both men and women like them.

Make Your Outdoor Equipment Unique

PVC material is waterproof, and as such is an excellent choice for decorating and marking things for outdoor activities or camping equipment. Whether you are fishing, hunting, or free-climbing, the PVC patch will stand firmly on your backpack, bags, tents, and even on clothes made of firm materials, like crepe or twill.

Be a Rebellious Fashion Lover

While long ago the wearing of badges was a symbol of rebellion, today it has become a trendy must-have. If you have even the minimal interest for fashion, you could notice the trend of attaching patches to almost every piece of clothes, from caps to socks.

Depending on the style, the fashion combination, and the preferences of the person who wears it, the number of these “fashion trophies” can vary. If you know how to fit them, you can wear them on all occasions, both on casual or some elegant occasions.

Besides the clothes you wear, you can also breathe in a bit of rebellious trend to your accessories. PVC patches can be easily applied to bags or backpacks, but only if they are made of a thicker fabric. Don’t try to put a cheap PVC patch on an expensive leather bag. That would be such a fashion disaster. On some casual models, like a backpack or textile handbag, it can look stylish.

Morale Patches for Fun and Motivation

PVC patches with a printed internal joke or motivational quote are very popular today; especially among the army, where they have become a part of the culture. It is one way to express connection to some troop or unit, but also to raise motivation in people whose job is neither easy nor fun.

Morale patches have a recorded history for military spirit.

Of course, morale patches are not the obligatory parts of the uniform; soldiers, policemen, and others usually wear these on the spare time, to “share the troubles” with friends and colleagues. This is also a specific sign of recognition among members of the same unit.

Why PVC instead of Embroidered Patches

Until a few years ago, the patches were mostly made of a wide variety of fabrics. Although these have remained cool today, representing an authentic fashion detail, it seems that embroidery slowly loses the battle with newer materials, such as PVC.

The fabric becomes thinner and fades over time, the binds connecting patches to the textile can rip, etc. With PVC, there are no such problems – simple gluing, sewing-on or “Velcroing” methods are used. Besides, PVC patches look more professional and powerful, providing the experience of 3D display of your emblem or logo.

Traditional fabric labels are no longer the first and only selection, even for uniforms. PVC patches represent their improved variant, made of durable and quality materials. Given the strength and quality of these applications, it may last longer than the stuff you put it on.

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