Treating Yourself To Beauty Buys On A Budget

We’ve all had that moment – we’re eagerly waiting for payday, knowing that the moment those precious pennies fill up our account we might be able to afford that beauty buy we’ve been staring at all month with desperate eyes. The money comes in, the hope is high… and then bills, payments and other essentials go out, leaving you with barely anything left for food. While there are some out there who’ll forgo a meal or two in lieu of picking up their favourite eyeliner, for those of us on the brink of searching for Uncle Buck short term loans, treating ourselves can feel like a world away. That’s where we come in! Here, we’re taking a look at how you can treat yourself to those beauty buys even when you’re on a budget!

Opt For Cheaper Buys

This may seem like an obvious point, but hear us out! If you’ve spent countless hours sniffing at the same perfume in your local store, or your lips are practically tingling to get a layer of that gorgeous lip colour slathered all over them, it could be time to start seeking out cheaper alternatives.

  • Dupes

Dupes are a great way of getting the same look, smell or effect without needing to pay out a designer price tag. With thousands upon thousands of beauty products out there, from makeupto skincare and beyond, there are guaranteed to be cheaper alternatives to the expensive dreams you’ve been having. Of course, we understand wanting the stunning bottle or the luxury packaging but when it comes down to saving money, getting the same effect for a lower cost can be a great way of picking up a treat without bankrupting yourself.

  • High-Quality Low-Cost Products

Similar to the point above, opting for high quality, but low-cost products could be another great way of saving money. If you aren’t sure what you want but know you want something, then searching around drugstore brands could have you coming across hidden gems. Look at reviews online for expert and everyday opinions on some of these cheaper buys.

Make Good Investments

This may seem like a very vague point, but it can all come down to ensuring that you aren’t paying out for something you don’t necessarily want or need. We understand that treating yourself to a lipstick might not be a need, but if you’ve wanted it, it’s arguably a worthwhile investment. When you truly want something, you’re likely to actually use the product and undoubtedly make the most of the price that you have paid out for it.

Similarly, making smart decisions about how worthy of the price a product is could be another lifesaver in terms of your budget. Perfume, for example, is notorious for being extremely highly-priced without the payoff to make it all worth it. Read reviews, look into the true nature of the product, and make your own decisions from there.

Shop Smart

Shopping smart is another way to not only save money on your beauty buys but to make the most out of the money that you do spend. By shopping smart, we essentially mean shopping around and utilising a few special tips and tricks when it comes to purchasing your items! If you know that you’re going to buy a specific item, for example, put it into your basket on a website and then leave it there. Provided that you’re logged in on an account, you could have an email by morning with a discount code to encourage you to purchase the items there!

Treating yourself to beauty buys doesn’t have to be a matter of maxing out your bank account. With time spent searching for deals, a little patience and flexibility with the products that you’re buying, you can save more than you might expect.

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  1. I used to buy mirenesse makeup and paid $25.00a month to be a vip member. I got sent products every 2 months and they are good quality but I found I got multiple products the same so I cancelled my membership. I loved their foundation but it was $80.+ and I first found alternative at aldis for $4.99 but then they changed it and it ended up bei g horrible. I now use Mud foundation from Woolworths and wasn’t expecting much at first but geez it’s just as good as Mirenesse and a bit over 5 dollars, what a bargain!!!!!

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