notNeutral Coffee Cups

For the mum who loves her coffee, we have found a unique gift idea for her this Mother’s Day. It is the beautifully designed, yet minimalist cup range from notNeutral. The products are designed in Los Angeles, in collaboration with professional baristas.

While your choice of cup is going to depend on her taste in coffee, as a latte girl I have been roadtesting the LINO white latte cups and saucers (pictured). These sit nicely in your hand, and the crisp white and fine porcelain makes you feel as though you are in a trendy cafe somewhere…rather sitting in front of your computer in your slippers. The base has been designed with the right thickness for heat retention, but the cup doesn’t feel bulky.

The large, 12 oz. design is glorious as it holds up to 355ml. Now that is what I call a coffee. For the mathematicians out there, the dimensions of the cup are 3″ high and 6″ wide.

But, what makes this cup even better is the saucer. There is something so lovely about a cup and saucer that is normally saved for tea drinkers. (I am not going to lie, as an unsophisticated soul I do on occasion use this cup for my tea).

One more thing, you can put this set in the dishwasher.

This award-winning brand caters to both home and business use.

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