Interview: Elaine Davies (Author of Mind Body Sold!)

Mind Body Sold! is a book which will lead you in the right direction when it comes to purchasing a property. Today we have the author, Elaine Davies with us for a chat:

Tell us about your book “Mind Body Sold!”

Mind Body Sold! is split into three sections:

Women are usually pretty smart and know how to make money but fear of failing or stepping outside so-called rules often hold them back. Whether we like it or not many of us were bought up to think “money is the root of all evil” or “nice girls” don’t push for money. As I say in my book, “if a woman is demanding or asks for a rise she’s often considered “a ball breaker” if a man does the same, he’s considered “ballsy” and to me, it’s all a load of balls!”

Because of this, I’m a great believer in mindset before skills set so in the first section of Mind Body Sold! I share my knowledge and experience on the tools you need to build a rock solid, success-inducing mindset. Amongst the subjects I cover are visualization, meditation, building your ideal support group, as well as taking a look at some of the elite athletes and other successful people who have used these tools to get to them to the top.

The second section looks at why women drew the wealth short straw and what we can do about it. The great thing about all investments, including property, is that they have no clue about the gender pay gap and monies lost from time out of work. A good investment comes up equally, no matter whether bought by a man or a woman!

In the third section, I share all my tips on searching for the right property and then on how you can be the successful buyer. I spill everything I’ve learned over my property career which includes being a real estate agent, auctioneer, and now a buyer’s agent.

What inspired you to write this?

With real estate prices on the up and up, it’s all too easy for women to give up on their dream of owning a property and therefore a better chance of enjoying a comfortable retirement. In fact, I often come across women lamenting, “I can’t” and “it’s not fair” and, as a professional property buyer, I wanted to people to realize that property ownership is possible. However, as I mentioned earlier, so much of what holds women back is lack of confidence. So, it made sense to combine my background in mindset work as well as my knowledge of property in one concise book.

I’m passionate about helping women become financially independent and look forward to a time when no one heads into retirement facing financial hardship. I want to make the conversation of wealth creation acceptable and common – even exciting and inspiring!

It’s not our fault that there’s a gender pay gap and it sucks but there’s no point being victims about it. Instead, let’s work together and make sure we all get ahead.  And I can help by showing women how to get out of their own way and then help them buy the right property, for the right price for them.

Who should read this?

Really, anyone who wants a stronger mindset which will help in all areas of life.  Secondly, anyone who is currently looking or considering looking for a property, especially if they’re getting frustrated which is when big and expensive mistakes can happen. Lastly, real estate professionals – especially newbies.

What is your background?

I’m initially Welsh but have lived in Australia since the mid-1990’s. Back then my career was all about the mind and I had three books published on the subject – I was also a regular on TV and radio and wrote for around seven publications. At the time, I couldn’t imagine getting back into property but after my divorce, most of my media work went away, so  I turned back to my old passion and it’s done me very well! Personally, I have an amazing daughter, I’m lucky enough to have great friends and I love running my own business.

Why are mental strategies important when purchasing property?

As I mentioned, the main thing that holds us back is fear of failure and ironically, fear of success. If others around us aren’t saving money, getting ahead and buying property then we become different from those we love and that can be scary. In my humble opinion, the mind is everything. I love this quote, “Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny. — Chinese proverb, author unknown

Also, as I mentioned above, when people are searching for a property, frustration and impatience can lead to the kind of mistakes that could put your finances into reverse. When dealing with one of the largest purchases you’re probably going to make in your life, a clear head is a must.

What is your number one tip for those trying to get into the housing market?

Don’t give up and think outside the box. I discuss in my book how I went to a friend and asked her to buy a property with me, she agreed and we both made a lot of money, so don’t be scared of joint ventures but be smart about them. Though, if I can sneak in one more tip, think financially long term. Before you buy something ask yourself how you could make the money better work for you.

What are some common mistakes people make?

People get so cross about underquoting and other porkies that real estate agents say that they can lose sight of what they want – which is a property. A buyer’s increasing frustration with the market can lead to impatience which in turn, can lead to one of two things (1) people throwing their hands in the air and giving up (2) panic buying the wrong property for too much.

Is there such thing as a safe investment?

No one has a crystal ball but historically, all properties eventually come up in value, even the rubbish ones! The safest bet is usually blue chip (established suburbs, close to the city with lots of amenities) but they are also the most expensive. I explain in my book how to work up to a blue chip suburb.

What is next for Elaine Davies?

I’d like to do an online/video course so that women could listen to my property searching and negotiating advice as they look for their properties or drive to that auction. Though, I’d like them to also listen to mindset advice, especially when it comes to those real estate agents! Apart from that, I’m very happy focusing on helping my clients buy their ideal properties.

Where can we buy your book?

To find out more about Mind Body Sold!, Elaine Davies and how New Road Property can help you:

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