5 Things Your Party Guests Wouldn’t Dare Say To Your Face

A well-mannered party guest will always thank you for a lovely evening, but what did they really think? As you watch them walk down the driveway, your heart may begin to sink when you see them whisper to each other, with furtive glances back at your house. Could they be talking about you? Was your party a complete disaster? Will they ever speak to you again? Maybe, or perhaps you’re just being paranoid.

Throwing a successful party isn’t easy, and if you are worried your social gatherings aren’t up to scratch, here are some of the gripes your party guests may be making.

“Her house was a mess”

You need to get your home ready for your guests arriving. That means removing any clutter, giving it a quick vacuum and polish, and preparing a space where you can all gather and enjoy yourselves. If your guests are falling over your kid’s toys, and they have nowhere to put their wine glasses because the tables are littered with the knickknacks you want to show off, they won’t feel very relaxed.

“I was dying of thirst all night”

You need to be attentive to your guest’s needs, and that includes having drinks available on tap when they need them. This includes all the relevant accessories. You may have bought a fabulous bottle of wine, but you can’t do much with it if you can’t find the corkscrew. Your guests won’t be too happy if you run out of glasses either. Stock up on what you need, and if you really want to impress your guests, buy something from Barwareandmore.com.au. Your friends will never be able to stop talking about those amazing ‘retro vinyl record’ drinks coasters you bought from the site.

“I see she cooked pasta again”

Food is a highlight of a party, and this is something you want to get right. Don’t cook something you always make for simplicity sake. Mix things up a little and cook something that will really tantalize your guest’s taste buds, such as this amazing lamb recipe. Be sure to practice first, however. Preparing a new recipe on the night of the party is tantamount to disaster, so have a go earlier in the week, or start cooking hours before your guests arrive, and let your dish simmer. Remember to ask your guests for their dietary requirements before they arrive. That lamb dish we mentioned is very tasty, but it won’t suit your vegan friends. Perhaps pasta wasn’t such a bad idea after all!

“I have never been so bored”

You don’t need to hire an entertainer to make your party go with a swing, but your guests do need something to do during the evening. Conversations have a habit of drying up, so have a few icebreakers to get people talking, and play some fun party games to give everybody a laugh during the evening. Remember your playlist, too. Download a set from Spotify or iTunes and pick music that will get people up off the couch and dancing the night away.

Hint: your love for choral music may not be the perfect choice, so choose something toe-tapping!

“I don’t know why she kept apologizing”

You want the party to go well, but don’t get too stressed about it. Despite what we already mentioned, true friends won’t mind if your home isn’t immaculately clean, and if dinner is a little late, so what? Provided you had snacks at hand your guests shouldn’t complain too much. You need to enjoy the evening too, so don’t apologize for every supposed faux pas you think you have been making during the evening. Relax, and have fun with your mates!

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