What Could Going Vegan Do For You?

Going vegan is no longer as difficult of a decision as it used to be. While such a lifestyle change is still admittedly often met with some odd looks and some incredibly tired comments such as “yeah… but BACON!”, it’s actually not that dramatic at all when you think about it. In fact, in the UK, there has been a 350% rise in people who identify as vegans, especially among the young. This is a trend which seems to be true worldwide.

But why is this happening?

Vegan Food Tastes Amazing

There are two ways to try and get people more interested in veganism. One is to obviously talk about the ethical arguments. The other is to simply talk about how good vegan food tastes! Jokes aside, veganism isn’t just about eating plain and boring salads or food without flavour – there is a multitude of dishes which have an added bonus of having extra effort going into them. Baby steps are all that’s required to reduce your meat and dairy consumption, and it’s made so easy with the huge array of tasty foods you can actually eat.

Many cities now have some amazing vegan restaurants, with food that is enviable for all to see. Sydney is perhaps leading the vegan way more than most – you can find everything from vegan fast food to vegan pizza and more. There’s even a vegan pub (Green Lion), a solely vegan pizzeria (Gigi’s), a solely vegan burger joint (Soul Burger), and a separate vegan menu at Thai restaurant, Thai Pothong – where you really ought to try the fake duck! Fake meats are actually a great way for meat eaters to make the transition, too – they just taste so real but no animals are harmed in making them.

It’s Good For Your Health

If you’ve watched documentaries like What The Health or Forks Over Knives of late, you’ll know that there are actual health benefits to eating a plant-based diet. In all areas from nutrition to disease prevention, you could help yourself to live a healthier life in a surprising number of ways. Keeping a balance is key, though, as with any kind of diet.

Not ready to make the full switch? That’s fine! Sometimes all it takes is a few simple and smart diet changes; why not swap real meat for imitation meat next time you’re in the supermarket? You often won’t even notice any difference.

It’s Great for the Animals and the Environment

Whether you’re an animal activist or simply trying to do your bit, there’s no ignoring the fact that veganism is cruelty-free and reduces everything from the number of animals that are being killed around the world, through to our individual carbon footprints. Meat production actually damages the environment, which is something worth taking into account.

It’s not just about food, you can help in other areas of your life, too. Try switching to cruelty-free makeup brands and only buying products in daily life where no animals were harmed.

Overall, you’ll feel better, you’ll get more creative with cooking ideas, and you’ll be doing your bit. Why not give it a go today?


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