How to Overcome a Bride’s Fears

The wedding is one of the most  important, and at the same time stressful moments in every girl’s life. Pre-wedding jitters and panic attacks are common for many brides and the constant thoughts that everything has to be perfect, follow them constantly. This state of mind shouldn’t be taken as a matter of course. If you find yourself struggle, these fears should be addressed.

Read the following tips to help reduce the pre-wedding stress:

Remember to stay in control and don’t lose it.

Brides forget that they are still able to feel a sense of self satisfaction from pre-wedding preparation even if they don’t do everything themselves. The easiest way to plan your wedding day is with a professional wedding planner, who will help create a wedding of your dreams and will assume control over all planning requirements. Another alternative is to ask your closest relatives for help. If you try to control everything independently and fail to delegate specific duties to your family members and/or friends, then chances are you will burn out before the big day. Relatives and friends often bring with them key skills and attributes that will assist you in your planning.

Don’t stress the small stuff

When your thoughts focus on trivialities, you can lose the happiness of this special day. It is impossible to predict everything.  Some things will not go as planned, but that is no reason to get upset. The day goes way too quick to spend it worrying. Your guests won’t notice if something goes in a different order. The more things you can organise in advance, the fewer things to worry about at the last minute. If you are afraid to forget something or to make a mistake, find a time to think about this and make a to do list. If you imagine your wedding day you will be able to write down your ideas. If you can, take one week off work before your wedding and devote all your time to making any final arrangements.

Find time for yourself

When you keep yourself busy you can cross things off the list. Once you have finished your preparations, reward yourself with some time to relax. Take this time to pamper yourself – go to a beautician, book a massage, or take a warm bath with aromatherapy oils. You want to feel your best, and this also means getting enough sleep, exercising and eating the right foods. If you are having trouble falling asleep, try drinking a calming tea with mint and chamomile before bed.

Lean on your partner for support

It’s important to think positively and to avoid negative emotions. If you start to get nervous, stop, close your eyes and breathe deeply, until you find some peace and a sense of calm. If you feel fear or stress, think about the reason behind these feeling. The wedding is one of the happiest days of your life, but it is not the beginning of the end. It is the start of the rest of your life together! Support can be given by your soul mate, try to spend more time together: go on romantic dates or just watch films in the evenings.  Don’t forget how happy you are and why you are getting married in the first place.

Communicate with friends

If pre-wedding jitters don’t pass and you can’t get yourself together, the situation can be saved by the bachelorette party. Gather your girl friends any time you need them, they are your best friends after all. They know you and will able to distract you from your nerves, give the right advice and make you giggle when you need it.  Ask them to find a way of keeping you in a good mood, whether it be regular phone calls or a walk down at the beach.

When you get married you will feel like one of the top brides, and you will be the only girl for your lovely new husband.

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