Caring for the Skin Around the Eyes – How and Why

As you get older, you start to learn the way to treat your body. As a kid, we think about the world and about ourselves with big ideas. Everything seems so huge and incomprehensible. When you get a little bit older, you start to get the hang of it, and find that you are able to handle complexity that used to be too much for you. When it comes to health and beauty, every different body part and body systems has its own needs. Learning how to give your body what it needs, in all its various complexity, will result in greater health, happiness, and beauty going forward. Here is how to do that with special focus given to the skin around your eyes.

The skin around your eyes tells a lot about you. If it’s starting to wear out, it’s easy to tell that you are beyond a certain age, or that you have been living in such a way that has aged this skin prematurely. It could tell the viewer how much sleep you’ve been getting, or how much stress you’re living with. Humans have evolved to respond to the appearance of the eyes. We can tell people’s emotions from the eyes themselves, and the skin surrounding them contains just as much information.

When the skin above and below the eyes is saggy, the person tends to look a lot older than they would with smooth skin. This is because the skin around the eyes takes a lot of punishment over the years. When we move our faces, blink, or experience stress, this literally pulls on the skin around the eyes. This causes the eyes to develop wrinkles, and for the skin above and below the eyes to stretch out. This is where the sagging comes from, and that’s why it is tied to our notions of what age looks like.

Eyelid surgery can correct the problems that result from age around the eyes. It can remove the excess skin, resulting in a smoother, younger appearance. If you don’t want to have surgery, or if you have already had one performed, it is important for you to maintain the skin you have, because this will give you the “most mileage” out of your face as you move into the future.

You can do this by moisturizing the skin on your face with regularity. Do this every day, after you shower or before you go to bed. This will greatly increase your skin’s elasticity, and will keep damage from setting in. You can also accomplish this by wearing sunscreen when you go outdoors. Sun damage wears skin much faster than almost any other source of damage. Finally, avoid overuse of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. These tend to be hard on the skin, and you’ll see the difference over time.

If you start to make these changes, your face will look a lot better as it ages, and the wear and tear of life will not be so apparent. Start now, and these habits will become innate in no time.

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