Month of Love: Germaine de Capuccini – Royal Jelly

I can’t believe we are already on day 5 of our month of love features, but here I am with another beauty favourite. Today the focus is on the Royal Jelly Pro-Resilience Cream (in EXTREME) from Germaine de Capuccini.

As I am beginning to notice my age I am harshly realising “beauty sleep” isn’t going to be enough to wake up with fresh skin and a bright complexion. However, high quality products that are designed with hydration in mind can make a difference. Germaine de Capuccini is one of those brands, and the Royal Jelly is one of my new favourites.

Royal Jelly and Poria Cocos extract are the key ingredients in this pot of goodness – the latter in fact being a fungus (the good kind, not the bad). This gives you a significant amount of moisturiser while helping to de-stress for a more radiant look.

Packaged in a 50ml tub with yellow lid, this will last you some time and do wonders for dry or damaged skin. It has a light scent to it. Germaine De Capuccini do not test their products on animals.

RRP $85.00

For your nearest stockist please call 1300 432 100 or visit:

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