Creating The Perfect Reading Haven For Your Bedroom

More than three quarters of people who read regularly say that it improves their life and makes them feel good, according to The Reading Agency. It’s easy to see why. A good book takes us away from the stresses and strains of our daily lives like nothing else can.

Yet, while a book can prove a great escape, we often need the right environment to relax in and allow ourselves to get lost in its pages. The room in your home most suited to becoming this relaxing reading bolthole is your bedroom. This is the place you escape to each night to rest and relax – and what better way to help your mind switch off than with a page turning novel?

So, how do you set up your room to become a reading haven?

The bed

The first consideration for any bedroom should always be the bed. Eager readers need to invest in something comfortable to sink down into. You might also want a good headboard for support if you like to sit up when you read. Pick a mattress that offers you the right level of comfort and consider the style of bed. A space-saving bed with draws underneath – such as those offered by the Divan Beds Centre – will provide storage that can hold your bedtime reads. Even better, under bed storage can be perfect for you to put away your clutter so that you feel more relaxed within a tidy and cozy bedroom environment.



Once the bed is installed, it’s time to dress it. Plump pillows, a thick quilt and some curtains will help you to curl up in the warm and escape on an adventure. If you’ve room – you might even want to buy a comfortable chair to sit in before you’re ready to peel back the covers.  A good bedside table is also a must.

The lighting

You could do with being able to see what you’re reading and that means you need to think about lighting. Ideally you’ll need a good bedside lamp so that you don’t have to leave your cozy covers when it’s time to book your book down and go to sleep.


As the Daily Record notes, your colour scheme matters. Calming colours such as blues, greens and creams will set the right tone for a relaxing retreat – whereas bold shades or colours such as purple will make it difficult for your brain to switch off from the rest of the day and concentrate on a good book. Use this colour scheme throughout your accessories and with the paint or wallpaper you choose.


Finally, your reading room needs to be free of technology (we’ll let you off for your e-reader if that’s your reading method of choice). Your phone or laptop will be full of distractions that will take you away from a good book. The only way to ensure that you won’t give in to temptation is to bar them from the room completely.

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