Stock Your Pantry With Botanical Cuisine

Botanical Cuisine is something that we wish we had discovered a long time ago. Condiments of various sorts are a firm favourite amongst many, and are a swell way to add a little sparkling touch to your meal of choice.

Starring a range of delicious sounding products, you will find –



  • Spice blends
  • Cashew mayonnaise
  • Basil & kale pesto
  • Cashew yoghurts
  • Cashew cheeses

Differing from other brands on the market, Botanical Cuisine’s products are not only suitable for the vegans amongst us but are filled to the brim with raw, nutritious ingredients. Sustainability is one of their key elements, even down to their green website host.

Stockists – If you wish to see some of the extra yummy products sitting in your pantry, visit to hunt down your nearest stockists

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