User Reviews: Dreambaby® Bathroom Safety

While bath time is actually fun for most children and a great bonding opportunity for parents and their little ones, the family bathroom is also a dangerous place.

Most poisonings (from both chemicals and medicines) occur in the family bathroom and children are also at risk from drowning (baths, toilets and sinks all pose a threat) and can seriously injure themselves from accidental falls and slips as a result of slippery surfaces.

10 of our members have been selected to test a Dreambaby® Bathroom Safety pack, comprising of the following products;

Dreambaby® Toilet Lock-F123. Prevent infection, poisoning and potential drowning with this simple-to-install product. RRP$6.95

F123 talent-toilet lock

Dreambaby® Angle Lock-F133 is perfect for the corner cupboard and drawers to lock away your medicines, cleaning products, razors and even electrical hair tools.RRP$6.95

F133 in use

Dreambaby® Mini Suction Mats-F119 help stop slipping and nasty falls in baths or shower recesses. They will also make bath time more fun! RRP$7.95 for a six pack.

F119 pack shot LR

Dreambaby® Bath & Room Thermometer Duck-F321 not only checks water temperature but also room temperature and provides hours of bath time fun since it doubles as a toy!  RRP$17.94

F321 low res

Dreambaby’s® Butterfly outlet plugs-F838 protect power points in bathrooms from water splashes. They also act as a deterrent for those children who like inserting objects into them risking harmful electric shocks. RRP$2.95

F838 in use

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