Pregnancy Beauty Chat with Jodi Anasta

Jodi Anasta is due to give birth on March the 3rd 2014, and as the ambassador for Puretopia Skincare she has both babies and beauty on her mind.

Jodi recently answered some questions about her pregnancy skincare routine, you can read about her favourite products below:

jodi anasta

Which products will you be packing your hospital bag?

I’ll be taking quite a few products with me including Instant Moisturise, Eye Rescue and the new Rose Hip Serum which I will be using religiously! Two of these products are my favourites. I use them every day and I will continue to after baby is born. My skin has never been better so I’ll be continuing with my routine.

Have you experienced any pigmentation and if so, what have you done to combat it?

Yes pigment has been my biggest problem. I find it’s quite hard to cover with makeup especially when I don’t like wearing a lot of foundation. But I know it will fade, if not disappear post baby. If I need some assistance, my plans is to book in for some facial peels & after the baby is born and it is safe to be treated.

Can you run me through your daily beauty routine?

Firstly I Cleanse with Puretopia gel cleanser followed by an Instant Facial Daily Moisturiser with SPF 15. If it’s really hot I’ll apply additional sun cream. 1-2 times a week I use Puretopia face scrub- it’s my fave & the results have been instant for me. In the evening, I’ll apply eye rescue – I swear by its ability to rejuvenate and really smooth out the eye area (especially at the end of pregnancy when I’m starting to get a little puffy!) then some pert & plump lip cream.

Have you noticed any skin changes during your pregnancy?

I’ve noticed that my skin has cleared up completely. I’ve never ever had such clear, smooth skin in my life, which has given me added confidence.

What is one product that you can’t live without from the range?

Eye rescue is my favourite! I apply it every night & I find my eyes feel more refreshed and uplifted every morning- I would recommend it to everyone.

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