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Multi Active Perfecting Cream 40ml

Evergreen Skincare’s Multi Active Perfecting Cream is a complexion perfecting cream formulated with Australian botanical extracts – Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Passionfruit – to revitalise and restore skin to its optimal condition.

It combines soft-focus technology and ingredients scientifically proven to increase hydration, improve elasticity, firmness and improve the skin’s protective barrier while reducing wrinkle volume and depth, sun spots and pore size.


The cream targets the origin of youth and is a must for skin that is left looking and feeling radiant and youthful.

The Multi Active Perfecting Cream retails for RRP $49.95. For more information or to purchase Evergreen Skincare’s new Australian Botanicals range, go to

You can read an interview we did with Alex McPherson from Evergreen Skincare here.

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150 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with Evergreen Skincare

  1. I love that it is formulated with Australian botanical extracts – Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Passionfruit. Living in a world full of toxins and pollution getting pampered with natural ingredients such as the Kakadu Plum sounds perfect …Naturally !

  2. Perfecting cream would be my choice as I love the idea of reducing those pesky forehead lines and helping to reduce redness !!


  4. I love that the cream targets the origin of youth. I’d love my skin looking & feeling radiant & youthful.

  5. My fave product feature is that the skin is left looking and feeling radiant. I need radiant skin because it is just looks so healthy and naturally beautiful.

  6. I love how this cream targets the origin of youth, I would love my skin to look more youthful as the beginning signs of ageing are starting to set in…help!

  7. I love that it targets pore size, that can make such an incredible difference to the appearance and texture of skin

  8. To revitalize and restore skin to its optimal condition – sounds like a dream come true! A combination of stress and sleep deprivation is starting to give my age away. It was bad enough when the boobs started heading down south, now my face is trying to catch up – Help! I’d love to try this Evergreen Skincare Multi Acting Perfecting Cream to nourish, hydrate and wind back the years and help me look radiant and youthful once more!

  9. The feature of the Multi Active Perfecting Cream i find most appealing is that it revitalise’s and restore’s skin to its optimal condition. Why do i need it? because i keep getting mistaken for my sister’s mother! 🙁

  10. Pores! I need help with my pores! I swear, they look so large – especially in my T-Zone – you can actually walk into them. I would love to give this product a go so my pores are no longer a walk-in. Also, I am very passionate about supporting Australian made and distributed skincare. I would love to give these guys a go.

  11. The most appealing fact that stood out for me is the promise to revitalise and restore my skin to it’s best optimal condition.There are days that my skin feels flat and needs a boost.

  12. I love how it uses Australian products. We have a vast variety of unique plants that get over looked. Let’s embrace that uniqueness and find their qualities.

  13. My favourite feature is that they use the natural products of Australia such as hibiscus, Australian wattle seed and Australian desert lime.

  14. I love the fact that it contains Kakadu Plum a rich source of natural Vitamin C and a powerful anti oxidant. This is going to zero in on my sun spots and leave me with brighter, more even toned skin.

  15. I love that the cream uses Australian botanical extracts to revitalise and restore skin to its optimal condition. My ageing skin desperately needs rescuing and would love the opportunity to let this cream work it’s magic on my skin. I feel young at heart, but having my face to match how I feel and give me back my youthful radiant appearance that I so desperately crave for would be life changing.

  16. I love the idea of decreasing wrinkle volume and depth. Menopause hasn’t been kind to me, and a gentle cream that could revitalize my skin would be the best gift ever.

  17. The cream targets the origin of youth and is a must for skin that is left looking and feeling radiant and youthful.i would love to have radiant and youthful skin

  18. While I love the fact that these products tackle anti aging I’m particularly impressed that the company donates a percentage of their profits to worthy causes. The idea that while I’m helping my skin I’m also helping great causes is terrific.

  19. I love that it is all natural and Australian, and that it targets the origin of Youth – yes please, that is a fading memory for me (just as my skin is fading…….!) I also love that they donate 10% of their profits. Well done. Beauty inside and out!

  20. Sounds great. I wonder whether it is anything like the BOA (Botanics of Australia) skin care range from a few years ago. Was a natural skin care range too.

  21. I would love to be able to try the Absolute Radiance Serum, as I find that as I’m getting older, my face is looking my age 🙁 I need something to lift my face and my spirits!!

  22. I would love to be able to try the Absolute Radiance Serum, as I find that as I’m getting older, my face is looking my age 🙁 I need something to lift my face and my spirits!! Thank you 🙂

  23. the idea that it helps with hydration as well as sun spots is perfect, having a pool and living near the beach, we are always out in the sunshine.

  24. Australian botanicals like Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Passionfruit sound like the perfect additions for lovely natural skin

  25. A multi active perfecting cream is definitely what I need to address all my aging concerns holistically. With the added benefits of Australian natural ingredients, and that its scientifically tested makes this the ultimate power cream in the one bottle. I’m definitely in!!

  26. Hydration is so important in our dry and sunny climate as it helps with the sun spots and the wrinkles as well!

  27. Love the Multi Active Perfecting Cream and I think the active ingredients would be just right for my skin which needs a little help

  28. ‘Scientifically proven to increase hydration’ is an absolute must. Realistically I need a bucket load on my skin. Inheriting my dad’s extremely dry skin I’m forced to lather cream all over my body every night. I’m constantly fighting to keep my skin hydrated. You look so much healthier with plumped, radiant skin and therefore feel better for it to. Fighting the extreme effects of summer and air conditioning seems a constant battle that I’m always on the verge of losing.


  30. I am working full time never treat myself everything seems to come before me this would be wonderful if I could reduce the size of my pores it would make me feel a little more confidence facing people

  31. This Evergreen skincare product has so many good qualities that its hard to choose, but I think for me it would be elasticity.

  32. Picking one feature is difficult!
    Reducing wrinkle volume is very appealing to me.

    Even though I’m at the top end of the 35-55 years this Multi Active Perfecting Cream is designed for, I’m sure my skin would value greatly from commencing this product now, as at 52, I’m very aware of looking after my health and appearance with my 3 children all grown up – time to look after me!

  33. My skin is so dry already after the hot days we have had this summer. I need a mirale cream that can give my skin some decent hydration.This could be the answer to my prayers.

  34. I Love that it reduces pore size because who wants to have noticeable pores. I would instead love nourished glowing skin that evergreen skincare could give me.
    I need this amazing Product to help my skin look its best and get my pregnancy glow that I am lacking.

  35. Evergreen Skincare’s botanical extracts, naturally formulated by an expert give me confidence. I’d like that to show in my appearance.

  36. There are 2 features I love of this product – I love that it decreases the wrinkle depth and that it diminishes sun spots – both I struggle with.

  37. The product description around reducing sun spots and pore size definitely has my attention… they are my two biggest skin concerns!

  38. I would love to try this product on my face, I’m not getting any younger, only wiser using natural ingredients and Australian Botanicals and getting face to face with nature.

  39. I love the sound of Kakadu Plum, having been there years ago I’d be happy to use an ingredient from that regions, and the fact the cream will help with sun spots, being pale it’s just what I need.

  40. I could use all the help I can get, but particularly like the sound of reducing the depth of wrinkles…. as the only way I seem to be able to manage it is to remove my glasses!

  41. So excited about the hydrating complex – my skin is so dry and it is impossible to find something that is moisturising enough without being sticky!

  42. The feature of reducing sun spots is really appealing; I would love to have skin that has an even tone like a porcelain doll.

  43. reducing wrinkle volume people used always guess my age as ten years younger now they are getting close at their guesses so reducing wrinkles impresses me

  44. I’d love to try the Evergreen Skincare Multi Acting Perfecting Cream as it can nourish and hydrate my skin and bring back the ‘BBB Beauty’ of soft wrinkle free skin.

  45. This sounds like a product that i would love to add to my beauty routine as i love items that work well and that will give me great results. And reading about this product i am sure that i would do only good things for my skin. So to own this would assist me in having good skin, that i would be happy with.

  46. I would love to try the Multi Active Perfecting Cream as it has everything that I need to improve my skin with hydration, elasticity and firmness. All those great aspects packed into one bottle, magic!!!

  47. It’s firming properties because my eyelid tissue has lost its firmness and the ability to hold back the increased weight of the eyelid skin tissue. People might actually stop asking me if I am tired or the most annoying one, “Had a late one, did we?”

  48. That it is Australian and naturally derived, nourishing and natural, full of vitamins and antioxidants.With no chemicals and no damage to environment.

  49. As I age gracefully – I am ALMOST in my mid fiftes now – I find that I am troubled by sun spots and enlarged pores.

    Working on these issues with this enticing product (sounds good enough to eat) would be great as I would not be loading up my skin with junky ingredients.

    AND I can almost smell the product from here…

  50. The Multi Active Perfecting Cream sounds like something i would love to try. It is Australian and i need help with reducing my wrinkles, my sun spots and my pore size.

  51. I need your Multi Active Perfecting Cream as I have noticed a loss of firmness & wrinkle volume & depth is progressing not to mention sun spots & lack of Hydration

  52. Improving hydration, something your skin can never get enough of! With the whipping wind and dry sun of summer, my skin could seriously use some hydration!

  53. I love food and I love my skin looking its best – Evergreen manages to satisfy both of these yearnings by using great, all-natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly, Australian Desert Lime, Macadamia Oil and Wattleseed Oil – can’t wait to try to them out!!

  54. Definitely hydration. I’ve spent years thinking that I had oily skin, when in reality, my body has simply been overcompensating for the desert that is my skin. It’s really difficult to find a moisturiser that hydrates my skin, without making me look like a disco ball!

  55. I embrace the lines that come from hearty laughter as evidence of life well lived, but would still love some help from Evergreen to reduce wrinkle volume and depth.

  56. Evergreen Skincare’s Multi Active Perfecting Cream sounds like something that I really need. I have a lot of perfecting to be done.

  57. I like that it improves elasticity but I absolutely love that it reduces pore size because my pores are huge.

  58. Absolute Radiance for deep penetration to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving my skin youthful and luminescent! Feeling confident already!

  59. The botanical extracts are my favourite feature, I have sensitive skin, prone to psoriasis and I like to keep my skincare as natural and chemical-free as possible

  60. How do I even chose one?! All the features about this product make it sound like a wonder product for revitalising my skin. It’s definitely one Multi Active Perfecting Cream.

  61. Sensational Summer of sizzling sun, sand and surf now playing havoc with my skin…EVERGREEN Skincare… soothing, restoring re-vitalizing remedy? yes please.

  62. I like Evergreen’s capability to improve the protective barrier on my skin, especially during summer when it is more prone to sun and chlorine damage!

  63. With my teenage like skin that shows up blotches and red spots, especially for a night out, the feature I want to be gone is pore size craters on my face

  64. Love how the Multi Active Perfecting Cream reduces UV Sun Spots. I wasn’t responsible in the sun in my younger years and it shows.

  65. Perfecting cream for firming my skin and also the fact it’s natural , rid of any nasty chemicals sounds perfect.

    1. My skin has been looking rather dull, this sound like the perfect botanical cream from Australia to give it that youthful glow and radiance – would love to try this. Thank you x

  66. The fact that it reduces pore size and helps the appearance of wrinkles is my favourite! It is something that my make up cannot cover (and can actually make it even more noticeable).

  67. Another heatwave in Adelaide has taken away the last of my skins hydration.Thankyou, im in desparate need of Evergreen Perfecting cream.

  68. I had a facial a few months ago (and am still recovering!) My biggest problem, according to the lovely girl wearing magnifying glasses, is hydration. Cure the hydration, cure my wrinkles. Bring me Evergreen Skincare, Australian botanicals, and some soft focus! Proven to increase hydration? Sign me up!

  69. OMG I need all of the above… turned 33 and I am noticing changes in my face/skin… (more then Im willing to admit!) These products would be awesome!

  70. I find the “Multiactive Perfecting Cream” most appealing because my skin has lost it’s elasticity, I have big pores, dark sun spots and fine wrinkles. With increasing age my skin keeps getting dryer and the harshness of the Australian sun does not help matters. If this product, made with natural Australian botanical products , can help my skin condition and protect it by forming a barrier to Nature’s elements, then it sounds like the perfect product for me.

  71. i love that cream it hopefully loves up to wat it says im sick of buying these types of creams when im told there suppose to work but they do nothing id like to try before i spend anymore money i want something that really works

  72. I’m impressed that it only uses certified natural ingredients. I really worry about the effect chemical use has on my skin and I will avoid it wherever possible!

  73. I like the idea of the Perfecting Cream, it sounds brilliant. My skin needs something like that I think to get rid of those large pores and the blotchiness which I hate so much..

  74. To reduce wrinkle volume and depth is a definite plus as this is something that I am noticing more everyday, my frown lines ( as I stress re Uni) are getting deeper! This cream would be fantastic to help please xo

  75. Increasing hydration is important for my skin to look and feel great. Working in air-conditioned office during the week, and enjoying the outdoors at the weekend takes its toll on my skin. This would be fantastic for me and ensure I look and feel my best, no matter what I’m doing.

  76. I love the radiance serum & lip & eye firming serum. Great products and I love them because it is one of the few things I’m not allergic to with my eczema.

  77. Reducing pore size, if it worked I would cry. It’s time to look and feel like queen, with the smoothest skin ever seen.

  78. I love that it is all natural and Australian and that 10% is donated – Australian made for the Australian woman – what could be better?

  79. I Love that this unique product uses Australian natives and also works to reduce pore size. This is something I need for my pores!

  80. I sure am needing the origin of youth because I am seeing some strange looking old duck when I look in the mirror.

  81. improve elasticity, firmness…as a lady whos maturity is giving me the confidence I lacked when younger, I do miss that youthful ‘glow’!

  82. It improves the skin’s protection barrier- so important what with he harsh weather and climates my skin suffers through

  83. Love the feature of `reducing wrinkle volume `this skin boosting and energising vitality and suppleness perfecting Cream would be specifically skin formulated and replenishing for me.

  84. What a great collection of green ingredients, so much better than all those unpronounceable chemical names in others. Plus is Australian too, & sounds wonderful.

  85. With Sun damaged skin and fair skin, a product that can improve my skins Protective Barrier with Nature products is one that I would love to try.

  86. skin left feeling radiant and youthful is my most favourite feature of this product as my skin seems to look dull and lifeless as i get older

  87. It can reduce sun spots, so it’d help me achieve flawless skin. I’d like to reduce pigmentation, and sun spots on my skin.

  88. Unfortunately, I spent too much time in the sun during my younger years and have some pigmentation on my cheeks. Would love to get rid of it!

  89. To have a skin care product with natural ingredients that will reduce the effects years of living under the harsh Australian sun is very appealing. I want to take the signs of years of outdoor living off my face and glow with youthful and radiant skin.

  90. To have a skin care product with natural ingredients that will replace the look of years of skin damage due to the harsh Australian sun with a youthful and radiant glow….that is fantastic. No harsh chemicals and reduced wrinkles and pore size.

  91. I love that this product hydrates the skin and provides an anti-dehydration film. No other product offers this. I need it because it will save me a lot of money with my make up as my skin is always so dry I have to cake it on to cover it up. This Evergreen cream is natural and will allow me to be natural as well!

  92. I need hydration! I go in and out of air conditioning at work, and my face gets really dry, this would be fantastic for keeping my skin wonderful.

  93. Absolute Radiance Serum I find most appealing because it targets Age Spots,Skin Firmation, Wrinkles and fine lines. It even protects your Skin at the same time.

  94. Gravity is taking hold so improvement in elasticity is very alluring, I need to remedy it quick before I step on my chin.

  95. Hydration & improving skin elasticity is so important at my age (50’s) so the ‘Absolute Radiance Serum’ seems to have all the ingredients I need to boost my saggy skin & naturally not nasty chemicals.

  96. Age spots are the bane of my existence! I’m too young, well maybe not, but I certainly don’t have to like them. I like that Evergreen Skincare will help reduce the appearance of those dreaded telltale spots.

  97. Kakadu plum has the highest known concentration of vitamin C, Lilly pilly is high in vitamin C and antioxidant properties, Australian macadamia oil has regenerative, softening and moisturising properties and is highly nourishing. Wonderful Australian Botanicals needed for my skin after growing up under the Australian sun to rid me of ugly sun spots.

  98. I could really benefit from the Facial Polishing Gel to remove built up dirt and grime from using makeup daily.

  99. I’ve discovered how nourishing facial oil on my skin, so I would love to get the Antioxidant Facial Oil with coenzyme Q10.

  100. due to illness and aging i would like passionfruit to help me also with the large pores i need help there at present all the help i can get to improve my well being

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