Simply Clean

When you have young children it can be quite a task keeping up with the cleaning – who knew people so small could create so many spills and messes?!

A new range of cleaning products has just been released in Australia called Simply Clean, and it makes your cleaning routine a much more hygienic and organised experience.

Each item is designed for a specific purpose and is labelled as such, so there is no chance of confusing the kitchen with the bathroom or wiping the windows with the dusting cloth – especially when there are multiple people attempting the cleaning.

bathroom simply clean

There are three value packs available which each contain 4 items:

Microfibre Clothes (these work well on your TV with a little water) with Stainless Steel, Dusting, Glass and Kitchen.

Bathroom (pictured) and Kitchen each have their own solutions to Wipe, Absorb, Mop and Scrub.

In addition to the hygiene aspect, I also like the fact that those who dislike cleaning (ie. me) or don’t know where to start (maybe those who are moving out of home for the first time) have it all labelled in front of them.

These packs are excellent value at $6.99 each, and are now available at Woolworths stores nationwide.

What is your most hated cleaning task?

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