The House At The End Of The Street

Author: Lily Blake
ISBN: 978-1-907411-99-1
RRP: $17.99

This is a novel by Lily Blake, which was based on a screenplay by David Loucka, which in turn was taken from a story by Jonathan Mostow.

I have read many books that went on to become good movies, but never quite as good as the book. I have not read as many movies that were then novelized and I think generally I still read the book before I see the movie, as is the case here.

The House At The End Of The Street is a young adult horror thriller so I wasn’t expecting lots of gore and extreme horror, it’s more about the suspense and the creepy aspect, and that it had.

Weighing in at just under 190 pages this is quite a snack sized read that I knew was going to be over almost before it began, and if I’d had a slightly longer unbroken period of time this would have been a great afternoon read.

It was quite fast paced for the level of suspense it held and it did leave you wondering a little but the only original thing about this book is the twist. The premise is interesting enough and I knew it would hold my attention, and it did, but it’s not groundbreaking new material – to be totally honest though, not a lot of horror movies are. The twist was a good one, but even that is one I have seen before though not very often. I best stop discussing it because I don’t want to actually give anything away.

While not badly written this book isn’t gripping, the writing isn’t spectacular, and you are left in no doubt that it has come from the movie as opposed to the other way round. There was a descriptiveness missing that should allow you to really see the characters, and to feel them.

the house at the end of the street

It felt almost like someone watched the movie and wrote what they saw, it came across quite wooden but I think that the movie could still be quite watchable.

This is not literary greatness but for it’s genre and what it is I was far from disappointed. My attention was grabbed early on and I wanted to see how the story played out, though not on the edge of my seat or chewing my nails I was engaged.

Sarah and Elissa have drifted further and further apart since the divorce that saw Elissa’s dad leave her life, almost completely. Sarah decides that something needs to give and to try and ensure Elissa does not repeat her mistakes she uproots the two of them from city life for a quieter life in a small town, in a rental house that is affordable only because of the couple murdered in the house next door by their teenaged daughter.

I don’t want to give away too much of the  story but the son still lives in the house, much to the disgust of his neighbours. He meets Elissa on the road one rainy night and offers her a ride home. From here the two build a friendship, against the instincts of Sarah, and this brings him back into the public eye – a place he has tried to stay away from.

A light suspenseful snack that I enjoyed. It reminds me of many a low budget horror movie I grew up with and I do look forward to checking out the movie. I’m trying to think of examples for if you enjoyed …. you will like The House At The End Of The Street but I’m having trouble narrowing the field and then  updating it for the current young adult readers. It makes me think of movies like Scream or Nightmare on Elm Street with less gore and there’s another one on the tip of my tongue but it’s stuck, about a babysitter who wasn’t supposed to answer the phone. Keep your mind open and your expectations down and this should be quite the entertaining read.

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