Interview – Sheree Mutton

Sheree Mutton is a lady of many talents, including that of journalist, model, TV presenter and more recently, ambassador and beautiful face behind Livinia Naturals.

Livinia Naturals is an Australian brand which features an established range of mineral make up and skin care made from the finest of ingredients to help enhance and support your own natural radiance.

Read on to find out about Sheree’s ambassador role with Livinia Naturals.


Welcome Sheree, it’s lovely to have you. May I ask what made you decide to become the face and ambassador of Livinia Naturals?

Livinia Naturals held a competition to be the face of the brand in 2009. I was fortunate enough to be selected as the winner by a panel of judges including the founder of Livinia Naturals, Debbie Valleri. I enjoy being part of the brand because the team has a holistic approach to beauty and are committed to the research and development of their products.

Tell us what your role with Livinia involves…..

As the face of Livinia Naturals, I am involved in campaign photoshoots and promoting the brand.

What appeals to you most about Livinia?

Livinia is all about enhancing beauty naturally. All of the ingredients used in the products are completely natural and free from harmful chemicals. They are vegan friendly, affordable and accredited with Choose Cruelty Free.

Of course we need to know, what are your essential products from Livinia?

I absolutely love the Mineral Bronzer in the Sunkissed shade. It gives you a natural, vibrant glow and is light on the skin. I also love using the Opal Mineral Eyeshadow and Mineral Lipstick in Lia.

What does you daily skin care routine consist of?

Each day I use an exfoliator then a cleanser. Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Facial Cleanser is great for removing oil and makeup. I also apply a light moisturiser and eye cream before bed. The Radiance Smoothing Eye Crème from Livinia Naturals helps replenish the skin and keep the under eye area hydrated.


Why do you think it’s important for others to become more aware of using mineral make-up?

Mineral makeup can be very beneficial to women with sensitive skin, acne, rosacea and other skin-related medical conditions. It allows the skin to breathe more and helps prevent pores from clogging. A lot of women find that mineral makeup also stays on the skin better than oil-based makeup.

Being a journalist, model and TV presenter, you must be quite the busy lady! How do you relax on a day off?

I enjoy relaxing on the sand and swimming at the beach. During the winter months, you may find me indulging in some retail therapy and movies!

What advice would you recommend for someone just starting to explore the mineral makeup world?

Make sure the products you choose are from a reputable company. There are plenty of mineral makeup brands on the market that contain harmful ingredients. Read the label and do a test on the back of the wrist. This will help identify any allergies you may have to the ingredients.

Thank you to Sheree for being a part of Beauty and Lace.

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