I have had EMPRA on repeat all day and as much as I’m loving it I thought I should come do the review now so I can move on to the next CD. Suffice to say I am loving this, and this band…so much that I bought a 2nd copy of the album just so that I could get it signed and listen to it on the way home from the gig.

EMPRA is rock, belted out, bang your head rock that you can’t help but get carried away with. It isn’t heavy screamy rock, it’s melodic and aggressive all at once with lyrics that are relatable and extremely easy to sing along with. It won’t take you long to get caught up in the messages and the emotions of the lyrics.

Sanny Veloo has written lyrics that are going to touch you, and then they are going to pull you out of your seat to sing along while you jump around.


The closing track, Sabrina, is a heartfelt ballad that features Gotye’s Wally de Backer on keyboards. This track has a beautiful sound unlike anything else on the album, it has a haunting quality that will stay with you and it’s more than just how much it differs from the sound on the rest of the album.

The first single is out there in radio land and receiving airplay already which is great to hear, ‘Doesn’t Make Much Sense’ is a great lead single for the album. Certainly showcases the high-energy rock that is their signature sound and makes massive use of the elongated syllables that are frequently used in rock – again reminiscent of early Guns N’ Roses.

Check it out, you won’t be sorry you did. It’s available now to download from iTunes and Bandcamp.

Track Listing

1. Won’t Give Up
2. Hand Me A Livewire
3. Doesn’t Make Much Sense
4. Like A Runaway
5. Only Love
6. One Of These Days
7. Charity Song
8. One Of A Kind
9. Tragedy
10. Slipping Away
11. Sabrina (featuring Wally de Backer)

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