Profile: Pure Poppet

Georga Holdich is the founder of Pure Poppet, a brand of non toxic makeup crayons for little ones.

We spoke to Georga about the products and how she came up with the idea in the following interview…

What are Pure Poppet play crayons?

Pure Poppet Natural Play Makeup Crayons are a creamy, pastel-coloured product packaged in an easy to use wind up tube that add a fun element to dressing up games and make believe. Children can easily use them to add images and patterns to arms, legs and faces or create characters such as princesses, fairies, their favourite animals etc.


How did you come up with the idea?

My two, young daughters love to dress up and become characters and I was frustrated that most of the play makeup and face paint products I could find for them to use were usually made with toxic ingredients. I wanted to offer them a natural, non-toxic product and so I created a range myself. Now my girls and all children who love to dress up can use a safe product on their precious skin that is also made in Australia.

Why are they different from traditional makeup? 

The Pure Poppet range of natural play makeup is made with natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for young precious skin. The range is different to traditional makeup as it has been developed with children in mind and the ingredients used are safe for them to play with as opposed to adult makeup products which can be harmful for young skin.

Where did the name come from? 

As many parents do, I often call my girls all kinds of things – ‘Pumpkin’, ‘Possum’, ‘Munchkin’ etc and ‘Poppet’ was one of those names so adding the ‘Pure’ in front to describe the natural and non-toxic elements about the products fit really well.

pure poppet

Tell us a little bit about the process from being an idea in your head to getting them manufactured…

It has taken a lot of research and I’m very thankful the internet exists as I don’t think I’d have developed the products with just a Yellow Pages and fax! I researched a lot about natural products and found some great suppliers in Australia who could work with me to develop the range that I wanted for children.

I wanted to focus on offering great colours that were easy to use and could be washed off without any drama. I also did a lot of research about packaging options and what was suitable for the products and also appealing to children. I have been lucky to know a lot of people who have helped me. A great friend is a graphic designer, another an illustrator who created the “Poppet” characters for me and together we’ve been able to come up with a range of products I’m really proud of.

If they end up on clothes or furniture can they be removed? 

Yes – putting clothes in the wash should remove any excess Pure Poppet fun and if they get on furniture use whatever you’d normally use to clean marks off of these items – a wet cloth and some wool wash usually works in our house.

Are they just for girls? 

Not at all. The packaging at the moment is obviously a little girl focused but boys have had lots of fun with the range – turning themselves into Smurfs, animals, pirates etc. I am considering introducing some boy “Poppets” to the packaging soon too.

little poppet

What age ground are they most suitable for? 

The range is best suited to ages 4 – 9.

Do you have plans for any new designs? 

New products will be launched soon with more to come!

Where can we buy them? 

You can purchase from or various stockists around the country.

What does being a mother mean to you? 

It’s a big responsibility!  Being a mum is an important job –  I am the one who protects, teaches, encourages and excites my children about the world.

And in return, as well as giving me a lot of love, my amazing daughters teach me things about myself, about being patient, about taking time to appreciate the little things and so much more.


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