For One Week Only…Zac Efron

Who should be the subject of Beauty and Lace’s inaugural ‘For One Week Only’ has been the subject of some seriously heated debate. Okay, maybe not heated debate but we did throw around some pretty interesting names.

But what it came down to was you, our beloved and devoted readers. What can we offer you!

We could indulge ourselves and rattle on about our own personal faves…. We could buy into media hype and rattle on about whoever is the actor of the moment…. Or we could be sensible and combine the two. Profile someone who is in the news, so to speak, but who we think might interest our readers.

So ladies, we would like to introduce our very first Beauty and Lace ‘For One Week Only’ Man…Mr Zac Efron.

the lucky one

Why Zac? Well we’re so glad you asked…..

Zac has just been in Australia promoting his new movie The Lucky One. And we love a man who will make the rather substantial trip Down Under to see us. Yes we do!

He was papped wearing little more than some low slung jeans so there are those pics. If you’re on a hotel balcony with glass barriers and you’re a hot movie star…..what do you expect?

What can we expect during Zac Week?

• Zac’s new movie The Lucky One is being released in cinemas nationally on Thursday 19 April. It is directed by Adelaide’s own Scott Hicks and stars relative newcomer Taylor Schilling and the divine Blythe Danner. Flick can’t wait to see it, review it and let you know what she thought.

• The novel The Lucky One, written by Nicholas Sparks, was recently re-released to tie in with the movie’s premiere. Originally released back in 2008, it’s a chance for those of us who missed it the first time round to have the chance to read it. Michelle is reading right now to bring you her thoughts on Spark’s latest novel to make the big screen.

• The New Year’s Eve DVD, starring among many, many others Mr Efron, was released just last week. Flick will be sitting down tonight to watch it and let you know what she thinks later on during the week

• If we can squeeze it in, we might just flip through our DVD collection and watch an old Zac movie…..just for fun. We’re liking 17 Again. Or maybe Charlie St Cloud. Ohhhh decisions, decisions. Maybe we should do both!

• We also have some fun little this n that items to show you as well. Hopefully you will get as much of a kick out of reading them as we have had putting them together.

So let’s get the week off to a flying start and watch a quick video of Zac looking…well looking gorgeous. Just as a teaser.

Are YOU a Zac Efron fan?

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