MAC Do Domestic with SHOP and COOK

MAC Cosmetics are flirting with domesticity with their campaign imagery for their SHOP and COOK collections. They are taking every day activities and putting the fun and glamour back in while proving makeup is designed to make you feel good no matter what you are doing!

Want to wear MAC while shopping for groceries or cooking up a storm? Why not?!

cook mac
MAC Cook
MAC Shop

So maybe I am taking the “tongue in cheek” a little too seriously, but these images make me want to get my Stepford on – even if it is Nanna’s best pearls that’s a-cooking!

In terms of the collection, the boxes are irresistibly cute (see the barbie-esque “Shop” image) and in these colours who wouldn’t feel like a domestic goddess! I’m going to put my two cents worth in and say the hero is their Cremeblend Blush…

What do you think of the MAC campaign imagery?

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