New Garnier Hand Creams

Garnier have added three new hand creams to their collection, with Nourishing, SOS Repairing and Protecting now part of the Intensive 7 Days line. L-Bifidus is their key ingredient which Garnier describe as “a hydrating anti-evaporation additive”, but lets just say they are hydrating and even when you wash your body the moisture doesn’t wash away.

Each product targets specific needs and contains a different, naturally derived ingredient to give it the magic touch.

Protecting Hand Cream contains the wonder ingredient Aloe Vera and is designed to moisturise and protect your hands. This is for normal to dry hands and is suitable for regular, everyday use.

SOS Repairing Hand Balm is richer and thicker with Shea Butter and is good for hands that are in need of some TLC and combats dryness and cracking. The SOS Repairing Hand Balm is hypoallergenic making it a gentle, yet intensive option.

sos hand cream

The third hand product is called Nourishing Hand Cream, and is for moderately dry, rough hands. It contains Mango Oil so as you can imagine it is really nicely scented. It sits somewhere in between the other two in terms of product richness and thickness.

These three new Garnier beauties have a low RRP of just $4.25 each.

To compliment the hand creams, Garnier have also recently launched two new Intensive 7 Days Creams with Rich Repairing Cream and Rich Nourishing Cream. (RRP $8.95 each).

You can pick up the Garnier Intensive 7 Days products from selected pharmacies, independent and variety stores as well as supermarkets.

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