Web Series : SYD2030

Cast: Abe Mitchell, Laura Benson, Tatjana Alexis, Sophie Luck, George Harrison, Johnny Emery

What is a web series? It’s a series of episodes released via the internet. Like a TV show. It is an emerging entertainment medium that is being embraced mostly by the fringe/indie element…and that is a very good thing, as you are about to see.

SYD2030 is the brain-child of fledgling Aussie production company Cheese on Toast Productions (COT). COT comprises 5 young Uni graduates, all under the age of 24, who seem determined to not wait around for their big break but to make it themselves. Their motto ‘The worse they can say is no’ – so ask for everything, is my own personal motto so I was interested in this little venture immediately.


This particular web series is being created for an LA based competition called ITV Festival, but the team have been involved, as a group and separately, in festivals such as the much lauded and influential Tropfest as well as the British Independent Film Festival.

Set in Sydney, the series is about a group of Eastern Suburbs law students who are spending their University years doing a little more than studying. The story centres on Cameron Hunter (Mitchell), his girlfriend Lara (Benson) and their Uni friends. When the mysterious Bridget (Alexis) returns to town, Cameron’s life appears to be slowly unravelling. Who is she? Why is she back?

As I have only seen the 2 episodes uploaded, that’s all I have so far. But with less than 15 minutes of web time (episode 1 was about 5 minutes long and episode 2 was just under 10 minutes), I am intrigued enough to be checking the Facebook page daily for a new episode. I am watching the series on Facebook because it is easier for me as the episodes are being uploaded just after they are filmed. I follow them on Twitter so I am making an educated guess that this is what’s happening.


Touted as a cross between Gossip Girl and Skins, it’s full of pretty young things wearing fabulous clothes and living and loving in Sydney. As someone who spent my late teens and early 20’s roaming the streets of Sydney like I was 6 foot tall and bullet-proof, I can relate to these people….even if it is through the murky sands of time.

The other big star of the series is the city itself – my beloved Sydney. Those who know me know I adore my shiny city by the sea. As the creators explain:

“ SYD2030 is a platform to showcase young Sydney talent; the entire project is a reflection of Sydney – with special focus on arts, design and music.

The main character of SYD2030 is Sydney – Sydney is just not a city but a lifestyle. We are doing something that has never been done before– showcase the city of Sydney and everything it has to offer “

If you want to take a peek, you can either watch on the website or ‘like’ the Facebook page and watch it there, as I do. The only downside is the wait for the next episode but this is a small price to pay for watching some great new Aussie talent emerging.

So support our local entertainment industry and tell them Flick from Beauty & Lace sent you. Or just watch, enjoy and show some support.

Watch it on the website: http://syd2030.com.au

Watch it on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SYD2030

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