5 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish

A sense of style is thought to be intrinsic, either you have it or you don’t. However, style can also be a skill that is learned and practiced.

Follow these fashion tips to make sure you always feel good.

1. Perfect That Signature Style

Having a signature style is the goal. It screams personal innovation, creativity, and the power to influence. Clothes have incredible power and crafting a personal style is one way to capitalize on it.

That being said, it is understandable that sometimes developing your signature style can take time. There’ll be trial and error, experimentation, and also a fair amount of learning. 

Remember something may immediately catch your eye on the rack in a store but it may not look great once you put it on. If you’re devising a signature style, consider making a mood board or scrapbook or even just a Pinterest board where you pin and save color, fabric, and style inspirations.

The more you understand what you like, the easier it will be to find your own voice amid the babble. 

2. A Capsule Collection 

Getting dressed every day or for important events doesn’t have to be a hassle. By maintaining a capsule wardrobe where you have chosen, curated, and staple pieces to choose from, you can save a ton of time and confusion.

In your capsule wardrobe, always have your bases covered such as the quintessential black dress, a few great fitting pairs of jeans, neutral tops and pants, a couple of standard formal blazers, and some casual t-shirts.

Once you have covered the basics, you’ll be free to add more risqué and exotic pieces to your collection as the need arises.

Remember, everything in the capsule wardrobe should be neutral enough that you can match most pieces with each other to create endless new looks and outfits. 

3. Shop Wisely

Sometimes when you’re in a rush, or if you feel you are dependent on ever-changing trends, you will end up with clothes that don’t suit or fit you well. But you still feel like you should wear them because of the money you’ve spent. Shopping wisely is essential if you always want to look stylish and in command of your own look. 

Experts say that a simple trick to follow is to not buy outfits you have seen celebrities wearing but to buy according to your own body type and personality. Rather than wishing something would look good on you, choose clothing that complements your appearance and features. Those are clothes you’ll get a lot of joy out of, for years to come. 

Furthermore, while everyone loves those high street budget finds, wherever possible opt for quality over cost savings. Fabric and stitching quality is paramount in determining how well your clothes will age and how long you’ll be able to keep rocking that look. It’s better to have a few high-quality tops than several low-quality ones! 

4. Upgrade A Bargain Wardrobe

As any fashionista knows, it’s the cut and tailoring that really elevates an outfit, which is why you see designer clothes that are seemingly plain but have killer professional tailoring done to them. A brilliant trick is to save money on the clothes themselves (no harm in going the vintage or preloved route) but to invest in the help of a professional tailor. 

Whether it is a dress that has been fitted properly or jeans that needed a bit of hemming, everything looks more stylish when it’s made to fit you and your body type. Smaller touches like swapping out buttons or adding lace can really upgrade an existing outfit too. 

5. The Right Balance Between Different Proportions 

Everyone knows the unsaid rule that you need to balance out your top against your bottom or vice versa. If you are wearing a loose jersey, for example, you will need to adjust it against a tighter or more tailored pair of pants. Never go all loose or all tight as that can give off a dated, old-fashioned look.

If you are newly experimenting with different proportions or patterns, rather than investing in new clothes, opt for rental clothing websites that deliver pieces to you like dress hire Sydney and you will find you can try out a vast number of styles for a low cost rather than having to buy all of them individually before you’re sure they suit you. 

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