Lens Replacement: Give Your Favourite Sunglasses a Second Life

No matter how old, new, cheap or expensive your sunglasses are, it always hurts when you break or scratch the lenses on your favourite pair. We’ve all been there, contemplating whether those good ol’ shades belong in the trash or they should be kept in the “junk drawer” along with the other golden oldies that you can’t say goodbye to just yet.

But, wait! What if you can revamp old sunglasses and make them good as new, if not even better?

No, this isn’t about some quick DIY fix with toothpaste! It’s about restoring your sunglasses to their original condition. If you’re wondering whether you can fix broken sunglasses, even those shattered in the smallest of pieces, the answer is you can! And here’s how and why you should do it. 

How to Choose Replacement Lenses

Finding the right replacement sunglass lenses is easier said than done because there’re hundreds of retailers, manufacturers and models to choose from. Before hitting enter to that “buy lenses for my frames” in your browser, there’re a few things you’ll need to consider to ensure you’re making a good choice.

Going that extra mile to educate yourself about quality sunglass lenses is crucial if you want your revamped pair to live up to their old glory. Especially if you own high-performance sunnies such as Revos.

Revo sunglasses deserve good care as they incorporate lens technology inspired by NASA and finding replacement lenses that can match that quality can be a tough challenge. Nevertheless, with these simple tips, you can hunt down the perfect glasses replacement for almost every brand. 

Base Lens Material 

Most high-end eyewear brands use high-grade polycarbonate material for the base of the lens. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, highly impact-resistant and offer great optical clarity. However, you might also prefer the lenses made from optical polyamide. This material is around 10% lighter yet more durable than polycarbonate.

Apart from high impact resistance, polyamide lenses are also resistant to different chemicals. What’s more, polyamide replacement lenses come closest to the optical clarity that the traditional glass lenses offer, but with the huge advantage of being lighter. 

Polarisation Film

If you enjoy fishing, golfing, snowboarding or similar activities, you might want to consider buying polarised lenses.

Premium quality polarised lenses often incorporate Japanese polarisation technology which is considered to be the industry benchmark. Choosing quality polarisation film is key to protect your eyes from glare and reduce eye strain. 

UV Protection

Since sunglasses aren’t just for looks, you’ll need to buy lenses that provide 100% protection against all UV rays. Look for a sign that states that the lenses have 100% protection against UVA & UVB or 100% protection against UV 400.

Having complete protection from UV rays is necessary for optimum eye health, so this isn’t something that should be taken lightly. 

But, Where to Find Lenses for My Frames?

Living in a society where you have an endless list of choices for everything including sunglasses lenses is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can easily find lenses that suit your frames and budget almost anywhere, but on the other hand, you can easily get scammed. 

That’s why you should only buy sunglass lenses from a licensed dealer that offers a warranty and can guarantee quality and performance. This way, you can also have a professional replace lenses in existing frames for little or no cost. With that being said, you can now continue your search for lenses for my frames online or stick around and find out why you should do it. 

Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your Sunnies

The first one is quite obvious. Why waste time searching for new frames that suit your style and face shape when you already have the perfect pair at home?

Shopping for sunglasses is no different than shopping for clothes. You’ll need to find the right style and size in order to look good and feel good. By replacing your broken lenses you’ll save yourself the troubles of going from store to store and trying on sunglasses for hours. 

But let’s talk about that awful scenario when you do find the perfect fit and fall in love with another pair of shades only to find out that they’re way out of your budget.

Now that’s a real bummer. But luckily, replacement lenses can give you time to save enough money for a new pair of sunnies. This way, you can rock two pairs of fresh shades for the price of one (or just a fraction higher). Awesome, right?

If your sunglass lenses aren’t completely shattered and only have minor scratches on the surface, you may be wondering whether you need to replace them at all. Truth is, scratches and nicks aren’t just unsightly, but they can also compromise the performance of your sunglasses and your health. 

You should absolutely never wear scratched sunglasses because even the smallest damage can mar the UV coating and expose your eyes to the harmful UV rays. In fact, it’s safer not to wear sunglasses at all, than to wear a scratched pair because the tint dilates your pupils and allows for more UV rays to reach the sensitive retina.

Still aren’t sure whether your sunglasses deserve to be revamped? What if I told you that you and your old pair of shades can help save the environment? Yes, you read that right. A billion pairs of sunglasses are produced each year which means a lot of them end up in landfills.

By giving your sunglasses a second life, you’re in a way helping to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Every step, even a small one like this one matters, as long as it’s towards a healthier environment. 

Now that you know all there’s to know about replacement lenses, you’re ready to re-lens your frames and give your good ol’ sunnies the second life that they definitely deserve.

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