Revlon Eksperience Sun Pro

“Sunscreen for Hair” – Revlon Professional’s Sun Pro range

The Eksperience Sun Pro range offers a range of products that protect the hair against sun, chlorine and salt and that helps moisturize and nourish the hair after sun exposure.

An evolution of Revlon Professional’s Eksperience, the Sun Pro range uses the art of Thalassotherapy to form an effective blend of science and nature. Thalassotherapy is the use of seawater as a form of therapy and the Sun Pro products are infused with algaes and seawater from the marine springs in Noirmoutier Island in France.

The range includes… 


A cream formula that nourishes and protects the hair. It contains UV filter and protects the hair against sun. To be applied before sun exposure and reapplied during (just like sun screen for the skin!).


A leave-in conditioning spray that helps to detangle hair, nourish and protect it against UV rays. To be applied before sun exposure (to protect against harmful UV rays) and after to nourish the hair.


A cleanser that delicately cleanses the hair after sun exposure.

Combined with ingredients such as Vitamin B, UVA/UVB filter and sodium the products both protects the hair against harmful UV lights and nourishing dry, fizzy and dull hair that has been damaged by sun, salt and chlorine.

57 thoughts on “Revlon Eksperience Sun Pro

  1. I will be driving the great ocean Road in Victoria! I can’t wait to get out and see the water sparkling in the sun

  2. Basking in the warm sunshine,
    Refreshing cocktail in hand,
    Dipping my toes in crystal blue waters,
    Summer time will be grand!

  3. Hopefully out on our boat if the weather is fine, we go up the river looking for the sea eagles that nest is a great sight seeing these birds swooping down to catch fish

  4. I am hoping to spend my summer days with my family at the beach and teaching my children how to roller skate, it should hopefully be fun!

  5. We have just revamped our pool area and can’t wait to share hot summer days and warm balmy nights with friends at our house …now that we can have friends over ‍♀️ ☀️

  6. Being in lockdown I missed the beach. We may not get to holiday but a road trip will be the next best thing. The weather’s getting warmer so sunscreen is a must. I colour my hair so it makes sense to protect it the same way you protect your skin.

  7. My youngest daughter will be visiting from Far North Queensland and as we dont know yet if her two other sisters will be able to get to us due to border closures, so this Summer the two of us will be spending a lot of time together and just enjoying the fact that we can be together.
    I will spend some quiet time catching up on my reading and as I dont have to work during school holidays I shall indulge myself with some quiet pamper time.

  8. Ohhh what a product! We will camping by the ocean and the lake this year woth the motorbikes. Dirt sweat and salt judt the way we love it! This sounds like a dream product for our lifestyle. The poor child with blonde thin hair comes back with dreads despite washing!

  9. I moved to QLD this year so I will be spending summer exploring the beaches and rivers on our paddleboard, so with many days in the sun to come this would be amazing.

  10. A long family road trip from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, with a stop at Byron Bay!! Sun and sand and sea here we come!!!

  11. Hopefully enjoying beautiful Moreton Bay whether on the water or visiting the islands but as long as my family is with me I’ll be happy.

  12. Visiting our botanic gardens. Strolling through nature with my camera capturing moments you can’t get back in time then settling on a blanket with a good book and treats!!

  13. Conquering my fear of heights and climbing Mount Coolum! My goal is to do it at least once a week, fingers crossed!

  14. I’ll be spending my balmy summer days very simply in my backyard no doubt supervising the kids in the blow-up pool and on the trampoline.

  15. I’ve hired a shack for me and my dog at Pt Broughton, we will be enjoying time together remembering times we had with my mum there as we celebrate her life. Hopefully we will catch some crabs and fish, mum would be so proud if we do.

  16. I’ll be heading to Wilson’s Prom for a beach holiday with the kids… so sunscreen will definitely be needed!

  17. I will be frequenting the beach with hubby and our little bubba who is 12 weeks old. Bring on the sunshine!

  18. Spending time with my children and puppy. Near the water and having fun outdoors enjoying the beautiful warmer weather.

  19. We have just built a new house with a gorgeous pool so I will be either in it or by it reading my awesome book stack.

  20. Hopefully I will be in our new place on the Sunshine Coast – meeting new friends and with the beach about 5 mins down the road….might be close but will be driving there.

  21. I would love to be say I will be lazing by a waterway or pool in a great Australian location. However, after having a melanoma removed last year I am now more wary of spending endless hours in direct sun. I am now older and wiser!

  22. I’m hoping we can travel to visit family for few days over summer as haven’t seen them face to face since February this year & miss them so much, fingers crossed restrictions will allow by Christmas!

  23. if the borders are open to WA i will be seeing my daughter and her new husband, saddly i was not able to be at the wedding, but all’s good in the end

  24. I am hoping that the border to QLD opens and I can finally take the holiday i planned for late March that is the first in three years

  25. I’ll be at the beach loving the sun, the water, sitting under the stars sipping a nice cool drink, fishing, enjoying road trips, waiting for the cool change, the pouring rain and the smell afterward, swimming and the sound of children running, jumping, loving and playing!

  26. Outside, outside in the warm sunshine. Desperately needing to lap up some free Vitamin D and bask like a red bellied snake in it until the sun sets.

  27. Camping by the beach! I’m so looking forward to getting out of the house and out of the same routine, breathing in that freah air and spending time outdoors!

  28. Due to a bloody annoying ‘body thermostat’ problem….I once again will be spending every single day in my home with the air-con on 18 degrees and the fan on me. In my dreams I’ll be walking along a white sandy beach, salty water tickling my toes as I inhale the exhilarating scent of the ocean…..thank God for dreams! My daughter, Laura, thank goodness, is the exact opposite….a complete beach-babe with blonde locks that the sun would love to damage and dry out…..this is the perfect Chrissie present for her 🙂

  29. I’ll be spending it travelling around the east coast of Aus with my family. The kiddoes have finally learnt how to put sunscreen on properly!

  30. I will be spending my summer days by the beach and in the great outdoors
    Surrounded by environmental wonderment and so much more
    Enjoying the surf, sand and sea
    Where inspiration roams beautifully free.

  31. I will be spending my summer days at home this year, as we cannot go anywhere due to personal commitments

  32. Picking my 4 beautiful grandchildren up from Melbourne and bringing them back to our home and
    taking them down to our magnificent “Lake Mulwala” to swim and play and going on scenic tours on
    the great “Paradise Queen” and the great Cumberoona 🙂

  33. This summer my boys are doing VacSwim at the beach which means visiting the beach 10 days in a row! I plan to improve my own swimming ability and fitness by doing laps groin to groin. My already dry hair will take a hammering so I would really love to protect it with Revlon Eksperience. Thank you for the chance!

  34. Down at the faithful Ocean Grove caravan, if it hasn’t been taken over by rodents during lockdown . Looking forward to feeling the sea breeze in my sunscreen protected hair.

  35. Outdoors is the go! My skin is protected but hair is not usually given any thought. I like to spend time in my garden and outdoors. Knowing there is a product to protect my hair whilst doing so would be wonderful. The ‘grey mop’ deserves some special treatment this simmer!

  36. Hiding under the covers till my Revlon Eksperience products arrive to jazz me up and get me ready to take on the world.

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