Sugar Monster Lavender Body Scrub

With summer in the air, it is time to get those legs ready for public viewing. Say hello to your newest shower companion, the Viola Violet! Black Amber and Lavender Body Scrub.

This hand made tub of goodness weighs in at a mega 500 grams, giving you plenty of scrub to revive any dull, winter skin. When applied to wet skin, this is a prelude to your favourite body wash. It effectively exfoliates but is still gentle enough that you won’t be left feeling as though you’ve had a trip down the sandpaper aisle of your nearest hardware store.

Yes, the purple toned Viola is luscious, and the key to her success is the rosehip and jojoba oil. You get the clean. You get the moisture. It’s a win-win. Just note, it’s for your body only…not your face.

What’s more, this body scrub is cruelty free, and vegan friendly.

You can take the Sugar Monster Body Scrub home for $23. Shop it here and support an up and coming Adelaide brand.


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