BOOK CLUB: The Hidden Beach

Author: Karen Swan
ISBN: 978-1529006216
Copy courtesy of PanMacmillan

This book is set in Stockholm and the wonderful collection of isles of the Stockholm archipelago.  I was so interested in the location that a quick Google search showed me just how amazing this area is.

Bell Everhurst has been working as a Nanny for three years for a couple.  She cares for their 10-year-old son Linus and their 3-year-old twin girls Elise and Tilde.  She has watched these children grow up and has formed a very strong bond with them especially with Linus.

One hectic morning Bell answers a phone call that makes no sense at all to her.  She is asked to pass on a message to her boss.  The message is that her husband has woken. Bell is left feeling confused by the call and knows that her boss has a very busy day at work and won’t be able to be contacted. 

The evening when Hanna arrives home Bell passes on the confusing message and is caught off guard by Hanna’s reaction to this news.  Long kept secrets are suddenly forced to be shared and deeply hidden fears and wounds are brought to the surface. Life changes for the family and of course for Bell who becomes more involved in this drama then she had planned or ever wanted to be.

I really enjoy Karen Swan’s writing and was really excited to receive this book, which is not the first of Karen’s books that I have had the delight in reading.  I love that her characters are so real.  They have their faults but their imperfections are what make them real.

This is an awesome home isolation read that allows you to delight in such a wonderful location as the Stockholm Archipelago.

A selection of our members are reading The Hidden Beach by Karen Swan. You can read their reviews in the comments section below, or add your own!

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