BOOK CLUB: Mountain Road, Late at Night

Author: Alan Rossi
ISBN: 9781529002331
Copy courtesy of Pan MacMillan

Nicholas and his wife April live in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are driving home on a deserted mountain road late at night when a freak accident occurs.

They are survived by their 4-year-old son Jack, who is safe with a baby sitter. The problem arises when no will or instructions about Jack’s guardianship has been left.

Who will care for Jack and what would have been April’s and Nicholas wishes?

The book is narrated in 4 parts.

The first is Nathaniel and as Nicholas brother, he believes he should be the one to care for Jack.  He and his wife Stephanie weren’t sure that they themselves were ready to be parents, and now tough decisions need to be made.

Next Katherine. As Nicholas’ Mum, she believes she is best for Jack. She is grieving in an unusual way with a code of silence. Her marriage is complicated.

Then  April’s mother. She is driving from the other side of the country, where she lives, to come and collect Jack. She hasn’t had much to do with her grandson. She is desperate to claim him to have a second chance at raising a child. As a single Mum to April, she wishes to make amends for the “mother” she wasn’t to April.

The next is Nicholas himself. While he is trapped in the car wreck for many hours, he has time to reflect on his life.

It is a story of a family’s grief. However, life must move forward after a tragedy. Decisions need to be made. The book high lights how important it is to leave instructions.  Anyone’s life can change in an instant and you could be required to step up.

Initially, I found it hard to get into the book, but it is worth persevering. 

Three and a half stars.

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