How To Be On Fleek Every Day

In a world that takes thousands of selfies a day and where your friends tag you in every update they can, things have become a little unforgiving.  Sneaking out to the shop in your PJ’s has become a welcome note for online humiliation and now every trip out demands you to look at your best.

It is no longer just the celebrities being papped, it is all of us, so how do you ensure you look your best every moment of the day?

Let’s start with the boring basics. Increasing hydration and eating a healthy balanced diet are the keys to nailing that natural glow and, regardless of how good you are with your makeup, you will be amazed at what these small differences make.  

Water is vital in promoting cell regeneration and can be seen very quickly on your skin.  Eating more healthy fats will make your eyes brighter and your hair full of bounce.  So try and include lots of fish, nuts and avocado into your daily meals.  Sleep is the other boring basic which will change the way you look. Waking up fresh with sparkling eyes and hair full of vitality will have you selfie-ready before you even try.

Hair, teeth and brows are the important starting blocks whether you are going full-on glam or going for a more natural look.  Of course, depending on your hair type, there are different ways to tame your mane.  

For fine, flat hair, think about adding some bounce with sleep in rollers.  For wild locks try to find the best hair dryer for thick frizzy hair and make sure you leave yourself time to prepare your favoured style before leaving the house.  

Keep your teeth healthy and white by maxing the most of high street toothpaste with added whitener but don’t neglect the dentist.  Regular visits to a good hygienist will ensure you have a snap ready smile. 

When it comes to style, don’t you dare think about leaving the house in a onesie.  If you want to head out relaxed then slip on a pair of black skinny jeans and a basic white tee.  This is the ultimate outfit base for any occasion, so if you happen to bump into Mr Right at the checkout counter you’ll be able to smile with confidence!

Never ever go easy on accessories.  A metal banded watch, a long or short chain around your neck and you will have effortless chic down to a pinch.  Now you just have to think about the shoe, although we always go with the rule that a pair of killer heels will never fail you, there is a time and a place for the ultimate sneaker.   

If you happen to stumble across one of your social media obsessed mates, you can hold your head high and strike a pose.

In a world that is getting more and more narcissistic, take the control and stay on fleek.  

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