There Are Stranger Things Than These Netflix-inspired Fashions

The chances are that you already know a thing or two about how popular culture impacts fashion. While catwalks might be all about doing things differently, our highstreet styles are dictated by what we love. And, nowadays, what we love often originates on Netflix.


While fashion and this top streaming platform may seem worlds apart, recent years have seen many shows forming a basis for fashion. And, never has that been truer than since the arrival of Stranger Things Season 3.

Let’s be honest; we’ve been hankering after those trends since the show first hit our screens. And, as season three blows up, we’re going wild with the eighties.

The fashion lessons we can learn from our new favourite kids aren’t even isolated to fans of the show. Instead, the entire fashion world is going through something of a transformation. And, there are some strange things indeed behind it. If you’re in need of a wardrobe revamp ready for spring, then, you can’t go far wrong with Stranger Things inspired sensations such as – 

All-out retro

Retro is forever in and out of fashion but, thanks to Netflix, it’s very much in style right now. We’re talking the best 80s outfits you can imagine. That’s right; it’s past time to pull out those dungarees from the back of your cupboard or get out those retro 80s film t-shirts you’ve been keeping as home-wear all these years.

If you want to really get your fashion game on, you could even invest in a retro-style Stranger Things t-shirt from companies like Threadheads. The best thing to remember to get on top here is that, right now, there’s no such thing as too much 80s. You could even raid your mum’s attic wardrobe and still be the envy of the next party you attend.

Denim on denim

In keeping with the 80s theme, we can’t get enough of denim on denim right now. It might have been an absolute no-go just a few seasons past, but Stranger Things stars have changed all that. Thanks to recurrent appearances of all-denim outfits throughout the show, we’re starting to see that this might not be such a bad look after all. In fact, tight jeans and a denim jacket can look pretty hot when you wear them with confidence. Just make sure that your denim shades (kind of) match, and you’ll be good to go.

Can’t get enough colour

Largely thanks to show star ‘Eleven’, colour is also seeing a significant resurgence. Fashion might have been all about beige for a while now, but Netflix is finally changing that. And, many would say it’s about time! Admittedly, these aren’t just any colours. In true 80s style, clashing bright colours and a paint-splattered t-shirt is right up there.

Frankly, the more neon your colour choices are, the better chance you have of fitting in here. Pair a bright t-shirt with those dungarees we mentioned at the start and a bold hair scrunchy, and you’ll be channelling pure Stranger Things to everyone you meet. Even better, you’ll be bossing it from a fashion point of view.

Geek chic

Stranger Things hasn’t just given us the 80s – it’s also brought geek chic very much back in fashion. Forget hiding your most embarrassing geeky clothing away; it’s time to get it out in all its glory. Let’s face it; favourite characters like Dustin aren’t exactly written to be cool. And, yet…they kind of are.

There’s something chic about that baseball cap he wears, and who knew that a brontosaurus hoodie could actually pass as stylish? Obviously, someone on the Netflix team did, and the fashion world is fast coming around to their way of thinking.

Even better, this new style means that there’s no limit on how geeky you can go. Don’t just wear that baseball cap out in public – get some custom PVC patches to take it to the next level. Fancy a t-shirt with the periodic table on it? You got it! Pair this with your denim on denim combos, and there’ll be no stopping you as a style icon. 

Admittedly, these new trends may seem a little out there if you haven’t watched the show. You might even read this list and think there’s no way these styles could be back again.

But, a quick trip to your local fashion favourites will show that fashion is, indeed, under the influence of some strange things. And, do you know what? It’s actually a pretty badass look!

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