The Essential Must-Haves For Hipster Ladies

Hipster fashion is all the rage amongst metrosexual guys. However, what about the girls who want to get in on the action. Being a hipster is all about throwing caution to the wind fashion wise, refusing to follow trends and being more au fait with the outdoors, nature and ethical clothing. Hipster fashion was once niche, but is now a massive trend in itself.

Those Shoreditch men who loved to think of themselves as unique and individual with their beard wax and edgy skinny jeans are now mainstream. As a hipster lady, you might wonder what essential must-haves you need in your wardrobe. Read on to find out.


When it comes to hipster shoes, the ultimate has to be the Converse sneaker. These emulate an achingly cool 1960s style fashion statement. From the high tops to the customized low rise, these sneakers can be as bespoke or generic as you like. You can head into any shoe store and pick up a pair of red Converse. For the more snazzy leopard print two tongued low rise, you might have to fork out a little more of your hard earned cash.

Comfort is the aim with hipster fashion. This is why you should hunt down any option to buy high quality, European wide-fitting shoes online. With the extra space, you will be more comfortable in every casual social situation, whether you are heading to the movies or venturing to the shops with friends.

The Plaid Shirt

The ultimate in hipster fashion, the plaid shirt is synonymous with the bearded guys and the skinny jeans pairing. Alongside your own pair of skinny jeans and converse, you can add a touch of individuality to any outfit with your choice of plaid short. You could go for the fitted cowgirl-esque crop shirt.

Or perhaps a baggier and more flattering checkered black and white monotone look might suffice. If you feel a little more creative, you could opt for some accessories such as some chunky loop earrings or a vintage leather belt to add to the feminine hipster look. Men shouldn’t have a monopoly on the plaid shirt, so it’s time to stake your own claim on the red and white kitchey plaid shirt look.

Geek Chic

Alongside the hipster look comes the geek chic look. Coupled together, this cute little nerdy attire can be the ultimate in exuding hipster inflections. For the ultimate in geek chic, a pair of thick framed spectacles can exude nerdiness. Paired with a cute pastel cardigan, a polka dot blouse and a denim mini skirt, you can look the part as you head into university, or if you are going into town to meet pals.

Pairing up with vintage clothing, you can add some retro flair to your outfit. How about some 1960s Dr Martens, an achingly cool 1970s suede bag or an authentic bowler or Fedora? Being one off pieces, your outfits can look more unique than ever.

Exuding the hipster trend means following a fashion style, but it also means adding your own touches of uniqueness. Follow this guide and embrace your inner hipster.

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