BOOK CLUB: Broken Masterpiece

By Tee Smith

Broken Masterpiece is a self-published (Indie) book by West Australian author Tee Smith. I was fortunate enough to meet Tee at an author book signing event in the Barossa Valley in May 2019 where I purchased a copy of her book. I was so impressed that I introduced her to Beauty and Lace admin to discuss including her work as a Book Club read. I hope those of you who have been selected to read and review her book enjoy it as much as I did.

Smith lists herself as a writer of romantic suspense, but I think this book fits more into the genre of domestic noir. Broken Masterpiece is a beautifully written psychological thriller while also being a no holds barred expose of the realities of domestic abuse.

The story centres on a young woman by the name of Charlie who having experienced a life-threatening incident has woken with only a few scattered memories of her childhood. Although she feels safe in the arms of Harris, the man who says he is her husband, says he found her after she was carjacked, beaten and left for dead and says they are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, there are many things that don’t feel quite right, or make sense.

Judy, the woman she met in the bookstore and has developed a friendship with, questions the scarring on Charlie’s neck and other marks on her body, and hints that Harris has been violent towards her. Charlie doesn’t believe her but has to admit she can’t remember anything of the 10 years of their marriage. Harris has made no secret of his dislike of Judy and that he doesn’t want Charlie spending time with her. Judy questions why Harris is controlling who Charlie can or can’t see, wonders why Charlie doesn’t remember receiving any medical treatment after she was “found” and why there doesn’t appear to be any police report associated with the incident.

Judy’s questioning awakens Charlie’s curiosity about who she really is and what happened to her and so she turns to the internet to find some answers.

What Charlie finds will make her question everything Harris has told her, but the decisions she makes as a result of the information found will turn her life into a living hell, as she fights to regain not only her memories, but also her safety and life.

Broken Masterpiece is an intense, powerful and disquieting novel that keeps you enthralled from beginning to end.

Highly recommended, I give it 5 stars.

20 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading Broken Masterpiece by Tee Smith. You can find out what they thought in the comments section below. Please note it may contain spoilers!

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