How To Show Appreciation To Your Parents

A person’s relationship with their parents never stays the same for too long, but when you reach adulthood, it goes through the biggest shift. You were once under their control, or at least looked towards them for guidance, but when you become an adult, it becomes more of an equal arrangement. It’s around this time that you begin to understand all that they’ve done for you. Their sacrifices and effort make a lot more sense than when you were young, and you’ll have a greater desire to show your appreciation. But how do you do this? We take a look at some tried and tested methods below.

Keep Them Involved

You’re out there living your life, making plans, all-around doing things at around the same time that your parents’ lives are beginning to wind down. Some people like this slowing down, but others don’t — to them, it’s like the world has left them behind. As such, one of the most simple yet effective gestures you can make is to keep them involved in your life. Invite them to the shows you’re attending, parties you’re hosting, and so on.

Stay Curious

Of course, it’s not as if they’ve stopped living their life. They still have things going on, their own interests, friends, and so on. So make sure you’re staying curious about what they’ve got going on in their life. The adult/child relationship becomes equal when you reach adulthood, but if you’re only looking for them to be part of your life rather than you be a part of their life, then something is wrong. By taking an interest in their life, you’re showing an appreciation for who they are, rather than just assuming that they’ll be grateful just to be involved in your life.

Marking Occasions

Remember when you were younger, and your parents would make a big fuss of Christmas and your birthdays? Now that you’re older, it’s up to you to celebrate those moments that are worth celebrating. This means buying Father’s and Mother’s Day gifts, birthday presents, sending a card and flowers to mark their anniversary, and so on. In a broader sense, it could mean taking control and becoming the engine behind those energy-intensive events, such as Christmas — for instance, you can take over the responsibility of cooking the dinner or decorating the home.

Pay a Visit

We’re a global generation, with plenty of young people living in other corners of the globe. If you don’t live in the same city as your parents, then take a trip to visit them. Calls and text messages are all good and well, but sometimes what they – and you – need and want is simply being under the same roof.

Quality Chat Time

Finally, the grown-up relationship you’ll have with your parents is a great chance to talk with one another, openly and honestly. So make sure you’re taking the time to have a long, quality chat with your mother and father. You’ll get to know them on a much deeper level than before.

One thought on “How To Show Appreciation To Your Parents

  1. Great article. I miss my parents so much but thankfully, we did all of the above. My parents were like my friends also. We used to holiday with them once a year. What I did love was when it was Father’s or Mother’s Day and I always knew what to buy them. I loved celebrating their birthdays as well. For me having them at Christmas time over for lunch was not a chore, it was welcomed with so much love for what they had given me and my sister and brother.

    It is when they are no longer around that you wish you could bring back those days.

    Definitely talk to your parents as if they are your friends. They have been down the tracks of where you have been and they actually do know what you are going through.

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