5 Relaxing Winter Self-Care Tips

For many people, winter can have a negative effect on their overall mood. The sun doesn’t stay out as long, the days are bitterly cold, and the air dries out your skin. When Old Man Winter starts getting you down, it might be time to take some time for yourself. Self-care just means anything that improves your physical or emotional well-being. Developing a good self-care routine is a great way to ward off seasonal affective disorders and also a good habit to get into year-round.

If you don’t know where to start, or if you’re just looking for some tips to improve your current self-care routine, this is the article for you! These tips are budget-friendly and meant to help lift your mood throughout the season. Here are 5 tips to make your winter more relaxing and boost your mental and emotional health.

  1. Bath Bombs

 Sitting in a nice, warm bath, surrounded by flower petals and luscious garden scents, extremely relaxed. Sounds nice, right? Well, these days creating a luxurious bath for yourself is as simple as ever. Bath bombs are extremely popular and sold in many different beauty shops. Searching for the right bath bomb can be tricky because some do not label their ingredients. You don’t know where the bath bomb is coming from or if it’s made from natural materials. Fortunately, if you are looking for bath bombs made naturally, the bath bomb wholesalers might be able to help.

There are bath bombs that cater to sensitive skin, some made of 100% natural materials, and some that you can even customize.  Taking a nice, hot bath is a great way to relax this winter and will leave you feeling completely refreshed. (Make sure to moisturize after to keep your skin peachy soft!)

  1. Facials

Facials are essential to the perfect self-care routine. From exclusive, premium brands to dollar sheet masks, they can produce a variety of results depending on the type of treatment you would like to receive. The price doesn’t necessarily determine how good the product will be – some dollar sheet masks have been championed above their more expensive counterparts.

Doing a face mask after a warm bath is a great way to keep your skin moist and cool. Most also have added nutrients that help maintain a healthy and rosy skin glow.

  1. Nails

Cleaning and painting your nails, fingers and toes, is a great and simple way to boost confidence and relax. Again, when done after a bath, your nails are soft and easy to clip. Then, you can pop your favorite show on the TV and enjoy a relaxing evening painting your nails. Add a cup of coffee or tea and a comfy blanket, and you’re all set. This is your chance to get creative and test out a design you’ve been meaning to try, or just keep it simple and go with a solid color that complements your skin tone.

  1. Naps

Naps are the most underrated aspect of a perfect self-care routine. Taking a short 30-minute nap or a longer hour nap is ideal to keep you energized into the afternoon and evening. The sweet spot time for napping lays between 3pm and 5pm, but if your nap is anytime between 10am and 5pm, you’ll experience all the benefits that napping brings. Just don’t nap too long, or you might wake up feeling groggier than you felt when you first laid down!

Make yourself cozy under your sheets, buy yourself a sleeping mask (cannot stress enough how much it helps!), and turn on your incense diffuser.

  1. Journal

Everyone needs an outlet for their emotions, and journaling is a perfect way to de-stress without hurting anyone’s feelings. Journal in whatever style suits you, from bullet points to letters. You can even rip up or burn the paper after you’re done to ‘forgive and forget’ issues in your life. Having a well-rounded self-care routine is important to maintaining a good emotional and mental state. Whether it’s winter or summer, you should try to take good care of yourself year-round.

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