Review: Optically Sunglasses

If you are looking to buy a new pair of glasses online, I have found the store for you. Recently, I was asked if I would like to choose a pair of sunglasses from Optically and share my thoughts.

How could a girl say no to a new pair of glasses? I couldn’t!

I began my online shopping journey by browsing the extensive range of womens glasses. The prices are reasonable and you can easily find a new pair of sunnies for under $50.

I’m a bit of a tortoiseshell girl (I find black frames are a bit too harsh for my face) so I went with the Flame design (pictured). These cost just $40.

There are so many different styles and designs to choose from, it really is hard to choose a favourite.

While I do wear glasses for reading, I don’t need prescription sunglasses – but this is an added option with most of their frames. I found the service was efficient and fast. After the order was submitted, my new glasses were on my face after a few days. For prescription glasses please allow a little longer, this will be approximately 10 days for most capital cities.

The sunglasses feel comfortable to wear and the quality is quite good. I don’t feel as though they will fall off when I lean forward and they feel strong and not flimsy. I like that they come in a hard case as I am guilty of accidentally scratching my sunglasses with my keys.

There are designs for both men and women and the best thing is, Optically is one of the best destinations for glasses Australia. They are based in Sydney, NSW so you have the benefit of shopping locally.

If you want designer glasses, you will find those here too. This really is a convenient way to buy any new pair of glasses.

If you would like to start shopping, put your pjs on and grab a glass of wine. This is why we love online shopping!

For more information you can visit:

What do you think of the sunglasses I chose? Have you shopped at Optically before? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

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