evo Easy Tiger Straightening Balm and Love Touch Shine Spray

With the weather unsure not knowing what it is doing right now, it can play havoc on your hair. One minute we are wearing tees and enjoying the sunshine and the next it is on with the snuggly rain jacket. Humidity is simply unfair, and if you are blessed / cursed (depending on your perspective) with hair that just wants to frizz every time there is moisture in the air, then evo has a duo for you.

First there is the Easy Tiger Straightening Balm. And, you get product descriptions because we all know how clever evo are with their words:

“This bottle contains: a whole bunch of waaaaaahhhhhh, 36 long and misty glances from across the room, 28 neck cracking head turns, 2 solid job offers, 8 fancy a %@#$ type suggestions.”

Wait, what? I’ll explain. This is a leave in cream which you apply to damp hair before styling and blowdrying. It has a low hold (level 1) and medium shine (level 3). You want smoother, more conditioned hair? This is the extra step in your routine that you may be missing. This comes in a 200ml squeezy container in simple white and pink packaging and is part of the Smooth collection. RRP $32.95

Next is the Love Touch Shine Spray. What does the brand have to say about this one? Well…

“This bottle contains 498 silkened, split end pruning, frizz reducing, nightmare ending, curl defying, confidence building, glamour feigning mists of glorious sunshine bringing serum.”

Sounds like quite the hero in the bottle, and while it might not deal with your troublesome ex, it will help your hair get less frizzy in the humidity filled weather. This is a spray formula in 100ml and I find the scent quite addictive. There is no hold (level 0) and high shine (level 5). This is sprayed onto your hair, you don’t need to go overboard, to help tame those fly-aways and smooth down those hairs that want to misbehave. RRP $32.95

Both products are made for naturally curly haired girls like me and the products are made in Australia.

Available from selected hair salons, or at www.evohair.com

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