Affordable Fashion: How To Nail It

This year you want to look your best but save money? No problem. We have an excellent guide to the ultimate fashion staples and where you can find the best deals, on the internet or the high street. So sit back, get reading and start saving. This is your ultimate guide to affordable fashion.

Fashion is all about getting that designer look, but we want to nail that look and give you a huge saving. One of the best wardrobe staples for all women is the little black jacket. The sister to Coco Chanel’s little black dress.  Fashionistas over the last decade have been going wild over this, and we have moved on from teaming this with a more formal look now you will find a variety of dressed down styles, dressed back up again with the addition of this wardrobe staple.  How you wear, it is down to you, however, the most on trend look is sleeves rolled up to ¾ length, slim fitting, a basic white tee and a  bold set of sunglasses propped on your head.  While black is the ultimate color if you are looking for an everyday chic, you can twist it up with bright color popping or, think Monaco darling and go with a pastel or cream version of this fashion legend. So where can you find it without the designer price tag? Check out

When it comes to shoes, a girl can never have too many pairs and most of us will have a dream pair we can only imagine buying.  To many of us, the most important of all is the killer heel and the higher, the better. If you think high heel then you may be thinking Christian Louboutin. His So Kate has had the fashion elite falling in love for years.  Of course, you can’t afford to spend £400 on a pair of shoes! You can find a few bargains on or if you really want to save money then fake it, there are plenty of replica pairs on the market, and the chances are nobody, except you, will know any difference! The high street is another great place for saving money on your shoe fashion. There are deals everywhere so keep your eyes out and shop in places such as Primark. Primark takes catwalk fashion and tweak it up, using less expensive materials, meaning you can enjoy the latest fashions at a more affordable price.

Jeans are a fashion icon which have seen various fit fads over the decades however there is one style which has become popular with the fashionistas and are a vital part of most celebrity wardrobes.  The skinny jean.  A tight fitting jean which tapers in at the ankle is flattering for almost all body shapes providing you get the fit right.  They can elongate your leg and help slim down your calf.  Teamed with a low-key basic white tee or an ultra-glam statement silk, you can rely on this wardrobe must have to take you through from morning to night.  Skinny jeans look equally chic with a killer pair of heels, a laid back sandal or a fresh pair of trainers.  Black is ultra slimming, but white will give you a little bit of star quality, as long as you don’t spill your morning coffee down them! Don’t spend a fortune on the skinny jean; you don’t need to buy from a designer brand. Head to your local supermarket and look at the deals in Wallmart. Check out the Black Friday deals later in the year, too.

The good old fashioned denim jacket has been gracing the back of rock and punk legends since before you were born.  While there are few water-proof versions of this icon, you probably won’t care! Denim is a statement, we are young, free and don’t care.  So find your fit and step out, whatever the weather.  In the past the double denim look was a sin, but those who adore this material tend not to follow the trend, they create it, as such, there has been a rise in denim on denim styling with different texture and cut to compliment all shapes and sizes. You could also go with the biker look.  Wearing leather gives a little nod to the rebel in you.  Short cropped jackets can look as cool as the little black jacket, but with more edge.  Go for crisp and clean or invest in the vintage look.  You will smell divine, especially in the rain!

If you want to go high end, designs from Belstaff will add an element of class to your look.  Leather isn’t the best waterproof material but buying from a brand who specialise in bike wear will open you up to the best weatherproof coats you can imagine.  You can opt for a lighter style with gentle detailing or get serious with a weighty number.  It won’t fail you from morning to night and looks super glam thrown over a little black dress and a pair of high heels.  For great value jackets, you need to head to your local thrift store. Second hand and vintage look great on a jacket so ignore the designer labels of today, look to the designer labels of yesterday.

A tennis shoe isn’t meant to be worn on the court anymore.  It is the ultimate go to for relaxing shopping days.  White is the color. However, they lose their edge if you slum it out with grass or mud-stained shoes! So keep them clean.  Most of us will think Converse when it comes to the tennis shoe, but you could save yourself a fortune by heading to your local sports store and buying a tennis shoe! Think game, not designer and you may find there is something awesome for a snip of the price.

We may have mentioned already, but accessories are a girl’s best friend when it comes to glamming up any outfit.  Pearls, tribal, subtle or in your face, there are loads of ways to add impact to any of the styles we have mentioned.  Experiment with different looks until you find your ultimate collection then mix it up to keep a little variety in your life.

Now, hit your runway and look fabulous!

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