Month of Love: Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

It is now day 13 of our month of love features, and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so the lovey dovey feelings are in full swing.

It isn’t all about romance though, as summer has let us know clearly the last few days that it is not over yet. Summer means beach days, and beach days mean beach hair. So, what is the product for the day? It’s the Sea Salf Texturising Spray from Toni & Guy.

As the name suggests this is a spray in product, you use it on damp hair to create a wavy, textured style with light hold (follow with hair spray if you need a little extra holding power).

The fragrance is fresh and clean and totally beach worthy. You don’t get that stiff feeling that you would from a mousse and it is doesn’t weigh you down. The packaging is young and funky in true Toni & Guy fashion.

What’s more is the pricetag, it’s not excessive at just $15.99. As this is a product you would use to mix up your style, it is a small investment to get your beach waves on.

You can purchase Toni & Guy products from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and Big W.

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