How To Pull Off Your Christmas Jumper

Christmas charity jumper day” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Bromford

National Christmas Jumper Day is coming around again, and with the knitwear trend gaining more ground in our nation’s shopping, maybe you’re considering it time to jump on the bandwagon and get involved in the Christmas magic.

If so, you won’t be alone. Research provided by Voucherbox tells us that 17.4% of the population are planning on buying a Christmas jumper, so how can you be sure you stand out from the other 8.5 million people joining in the festivities? And how to still be trendy while wearing a Christmas jumper?

  1. Be adventurous

It’s easy to fall back into the safe reaches of the snowflake pattern or the traditional red and white, but if you really want your jumper to be the star of the show, you have two options: make people marvel at your beauty or make them laugh with your enthusiasm. The latter is far more achievable with a Christmas jumper, so you could choose something more comedic and outside the box – you’ll be the cheesiest person at the party, but it’s all in the spirit of Christmas!

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There are plenty of jumpers out there, and some are real bargains. Just as well, because there’s a lot of other spending to do during the festive season. A survey of 2,000 women by CB12 last December revealed that the average spend on new clothes for Christmas parties was about £100, while the average time spent getting ready for parties totalled about four and a half hours.

  1. Colour Code

Credit: Pixabay

You want your jumper to stand out for the right reasons, not because everyone’s beginning to worry about your eyesight. Try pairing bolder, lighter coloured jumpers with dark jeans and plain boots for a classy look. If your jumper is more subdued, a splash of colour in the rest of your outfit could work marvels. For the jumper itself, there’s no harm in sticking to the traditional red, green and white, but you could try a less common colour this time of year, such as pinks and blues, which can help to really make you stand out in a sea of candy cane hues. Also, take into account the colour of your jumper’s pattern/character when choosing your accessories – if the bag complements Rudolph, your outfit is working.

  1. Pattern or Slogan?

Again, the style of your festive knit makes a bold statement to those around you. You could go for the irony of a “bah humbug”, or something more enthusiastic, like “I wish it could be Christmas every day!” Of course, if words aren’t suited to your style, there’s always the option of the classic Christmas characters (Santa Claus, angels, reindeer, etc.) to really show off the fun side of December. Then of course we have the familiar snowflakes and Christmas trees which are adaptable to almost any kind of jumper wearing occasion once December rolls around. If you really want to be creative, you could even try designing your own for an added touch of personality!

This gurrrrrrl though! Christmas jumper is out for the first time this year 😏🎄#uptheroses #christmasjumper. A photo posted by Jessicaaaa. (@baileyyym8) on Dec 11, 2016 at 9:57am PST

  1. Choose Something You’d Be Comfortable In All Year Round

Of course, no one’s planning on wearing their Christmas knits in July, but if you choose something you could imagine yourself wearing at another time of the year, you can be certain that you will manage to pull off your look exactly how you want it. If the glove fits, wear it, so if the jumper matches you, don’t hesitate to rock your very own Christmas trend!

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