EVY iQ-OneGlide 1.5”

EVY Professional is a range of styling tools designed by hair stylists, with Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta as the woman behind the brand. The technology has a focus on hydration, meaning the tools are infused with minerals. And, much kinder on your hair.

One of the tools I have been taking for a spin is the EVY iQ-OneGlide Styler 1.5, a hair straightener which offers silky smooth results. The plates are a little different to the norm as they contain 24 carat gold and there are three PTFE strips for even distribution and quicker styling time.

The styler is comfortable to hold and you can choose a digital setting between 130 degrees and 210 degrees celsius. This doesn’t take long to heat up, and you will notice your styling time is reduced – something we all would appreciate in this fast paced world. If you are worried about leaving it on when you walk out the door, there is no need as it will turn itself off after 60 minutes.

This hair straightener is high quality making it suitable for both professional and home use and has a three metre cord. That means, you are getting those salon results from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it is a sleek straight style, or you want to mix it up with curls – this tool will give you the look you are after, with less damage to your hair.

The EVY Professional styler comes with a 2 year warranty, offering you peace of mind. This is also available with a 1″ plate.

The box also includes a stylish black case for easy storage. RRP $299

For more information visit: www.aquabaci.com.au

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