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Skincare is an integral part of the morning routine for millions of people across the country, and for those that it’s not… it should be.

My daily skin care regime consists of putting my face under the shower, unless it is feeling extremely dry which it has been due to this horrid cold I can’t kick. Sometimes I will use a cleanser in the shower, if I’m suffering a breakout. For the most part though, I rinse in the shower and that is just not enough.

Our skin needs to be nourished to retain it’s elasticity and its glow and if you can find organic products to do it then even better.

This Christmas why not give the gift of environmentally conscious skincare to a loved one who won’t spoil their own skin.

Raw Kaya Organics is a new brand on the scene, it’s launch was December 2015, and the goal of the founders is to start funding their own conservation and wildlife projects across the globe. Every bottle of their product you buy helps get them closer to that goal.

The Raw Kaya Organics range is food for the skin, it is made from all natural plant-based ingredients that you can find on a farm, in your garden or in your morning tea.

For a fantastically nourishing skincare gift this Christmas how about the Rose & Cinnamon Gift Pack. It’s moisturising properties are amazing.

I used it just one morning, because my routine is shot and I haven’t gotten around to it since, in the midst of a cold that has my nose and face ridiculously dry and even that one application has made a noticeable and lasting difference to the feel of my face.

The Rose scent is subtle but most definitely there, and it’s long lasting. Even hours later when I moved my head I caught a waft of the rose scent.

The Rose & Cinnamon Gift Set contains a 120ml Cream Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. These products are formulated for normal to dry and mature skin.


A little about the products:

Rose & Cinnamon Cream Cleanser is packed with natural, organic ingredients like honeysuckle, white oak bark and calendula flower which have antibacterial and balancing properties. There is also apricot kernel oil, cinnamon and avocado oil to help with hydration and toning of your skin.

Rose & Cinnamon Toner is fantastic for all skin types with it’s balancing and pore-refining properties. Roses are included in the formulation to soften and balance the skin.

Active ingredients include MSM, witch hazel, thyme and cinnamon to help restore the pH balance, tighten pores and protect skin.  This toner also provides anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects for smoother, fresher-looking skin.

MSM is an ingredient I wasn’t familiar with, it’s primary function is to assist with antioxidant production to help keep skin, hair and nails healthy. MSM also forms part of keratin and collagen which are vital to radiant skin.

Rose & Cinnamon Moisturiser is for normal to dry and mature skin, packed with antioxidants and active ingredients including MSM, avocado and jojoba oil to help replenish and restore skin and offer renewed radiance and deep absorbing hydration.

I certainly found this moisturiser to deliver deep hydration which lasted for days.

The products can be used both morning and night, are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. They can be purchased in the pack or individually.

RRP: $85

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