Hawkers Sunglasses

In Australia we can only dream of a white Christmas, but instead we have snow white boomers racing Santa Claus in the blazing sun. And, with our first day over 30 degrees in what feels like forever, I for one am more than happy to enjoy the long summer days during the silly season.

So, what is a gift that says summer? A new pair of sunglasses from Hawkers Australia. With hand made styles and UV protection of 400 meeting Australian standards, a pair of these beauties will be both functional and stylish.


The lenses are polarized and there is glare reduction included, people trying to look into your eyes will be literally met with their own reflection. I’ve been wearing the “Carey” pair in Rose Gold Classic (pictured), and always receive compliments. Rose gold is really trending right now and when paired with the white these are statement eyewear.

The frames are durable and this pair has an RRP of $55, making it an affordable pair of sunnies. If this style doesn’t fit your look, there are many more options to choose from including geometric pairs. Buy a pair for a friend and a pair for yourself this Christmas!

For more information visit https://hawkersaustralia.com


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