The importance of choosing a skin care regime that suits your skin type

You should always remember that you have to live in your skin for the rest of your life; this is why it’s so important for you to take care of it. It’s never too early to start looking after your skin; doing so helps to keep it healthy and it also helps your skin to look fresh and vibrant. If you are starting out with a skin care routine, then you need to be aware of the fact that there is no single solution for everyone; you need to develop a skincare routine that suits the type of skin you have.

In this article we are going to introduce you to the different skin types and talk about some of the things you need to think about when you are developing your own skincare routine.

What are the different skin types?

Knowing which skin type you have is important because each type requires different care and attention. Here are the different skin types; which one do you have?

  • Dry skin – this is often flaky and rough to the touch.
  • Oily skin – this is generally shiny and greasy.
  • Combination skin – this is skin which is dry in areas such as the cheeks and oily in areas such as the forehead.
  • Sensitive skin – this type of skin is sensitive to the use of some products and itching or burning may be experienced when these products are used on the skin.
  • Normal skin – this is well balanced and not subject to any sensitivity.

You need to decide which of these types of skin you have in order for you to create the right skin care regime for you.


What to think about when creating your skin care routine

You may already have taken a look at some of the skin care routines that people favour. One of the popular routines around right now is the Korean skincare routine. The good news is that you can adapt steps for proper Korean skin care to suit your skin type; you just have to select the right products.

For instance, if you have dry skin then it’s not a good idea to use a cleanser that has alcohol or is fragranced; this type of product can just dry your skin out even further. Conversely, if you have oily skin then you should opt for an oil free cleanser. Remember, that you always need to pay attention to your skin type when choosing what products to use; you want to keep your skin healthy not make matters worse.

Of course there are certain things that apply to all skin types; for instance, you should never wear make-up in bed and you always protect your skin against the sun. The most important thing is that you develop a routine which suits your skin and which becomes part of your everyday life. This way you stand the best chance of keeping your skin healthy and looking great.

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