BaByliss PRO Siren Titanium Ceramic Waving Wand

From professional quality haircare brand BaByliss PRO comes the Siren Titanium Ceramic 34mm Waving Wand, a heated tool designed to give you soft, glamourous waves.

This wand with extra long barrel has no metal clip, so the result is smoother hair without any potential misplaced kinks.

The look reminds me a little of Jennifer Love Hewitt, and we all know she gets those long beautiful hairstyles just right. This is a titanium-ceramic design which gives you quick, shiny locks. This heats up in no time and can hit up to 210 degrees Celsius with 11 different heat settings in between.

If you tend to walk out the door and wonder if your appliances are switched off, never fear – this waving wand will turn itself off after an hour.


Also comes with a heat protection glove!

Add the BaByliss PRO Aspire Siren Ceramic Waving Wand to your collection of tools, this is one look you can achieve easily that you will want to try over and over.

RRP $119.95

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